Ratatouille : A Vegan delight.


The beauty of this dish is that it uses the same ingredients for the base and the sauce. So every bite is bursting with yummy flavors.

You need:

  • An eggplant.
  • Zucchini, one yellow and one green. Both sliced into thin rings.
  • A red and yellow bell pepper. Sliced into thin strips.
  • 3 tomatoes, chopped.
  • A little thyme.
  • Olive oil.

Cut the egg plant into long one cm wide strips. You will not need the entire zucchini cut into rings. Measure out how many rings you need based on the baking dish you use. Whatever is left over goes into the sauce. Same with the bell peppers.

Ideally keep these dry ingredients in the pan to get an idea of what you can spare for the sauce.

Heat olive oil. Cook the tomatoes and left over vegetables till they have softened and the oil is getting separated. Season with salt and flavor with thyme. Puree it in a blender.

Make a layer of the sauce. Arrange the vegetables. Use your imagination to do this.

I placed the eggplant strips as parallel rows with a 2 centimeter gap. Used them to support the zucchini rings. The bell pepper strips were placed on the sides for more support. Added a little sauce on the top as well.

Cover with a foil or parchment paper. Don’t forget to make a small hole in this to allow the steam to escape. Bake at 180 for 40 mins. For the last 15 mins, remove the foil / parchment cover.

Enjoy a yummy Vegan Christmas dish.

Chicken & Zucchini in Lemon-Butter Sauce


You Need:

  • One chicken breast with skin. Patted dry and seasoned with salt and pepper.
  • One Zucchini cut into thick rings.
  • ¬†Juice of two lemons.
  • 20 grams of cold butter.
  • Olive oil.

To prepare the zucchini, use a spoon and pour a drop of olive oil on each ring. Spread it around. Stack rings on top of each other like a column. This will oil both sides in a clean way. Heat a non stick pan. Cook each side of the zucchini on low to medium heat for about 3 mins each.


Heat olive oil till it starts to shimmer. Place chicken breast skin side down. Keep heat at medium and don’t even look at it for about 7 mins. Flip the breast and cook on all sides. Use a thermometer to check the progress. When the thickest part crosses 65C, add the butter and lemon juice to the pan. Mix then and coat the chicken with this sauce. After 3-4 mins, remove the chicken. It is more than cooked at 70C. If you cross 80C, then there is the risk of overcooking the tender breast and it will become chewy. Let the chicken rest for at least 8 mins before you slice it. This is VERY IMPORTANT.

Enjoy a super low carb and high protein lunch or dinner.


Butter Burnt Vegetables

You need a zucchini, some mushrooms and some capsicum. Chop into small bite sized pieces.

Heat butter and fry some garlic in it. Keeping the heat at high, add all the vegetables and spread them out. For five minutes do not even look at the dish.

Sprinkle some dried herbs and spices. Oregano and chat masala worked for me. Season with salt and pepper. Mix it well.

Spread the vegetables and continue to ignore them as they sizzle on high heat. Ignore every scream from your subconscious to lower the heat. Let them burn for about 4 minutes.

Drizzle some olive oil. Use that to deglaze the pan and remove the vegetables into a serving plate.

Enjoy the amazing flavors that have developed in them.

Homemade Cream Cheese with Buttered Zucchini and Broccoli

To make the cream cheese, take warm milk and add lemon juice. Mix and let it stay for 10 minutes. After ten minutes if you are not satisfied with the amount of curdling add a little more lemon juice.

Strain thru a cheese cloth and using only your hands squeeze out as much water as possible. Using a hand whisk keep stirring till it becomes a soft texture. Add a little salt and any seasoning of your choice. I added chat masala.

Cut Zucchini and Broccoli and rub butter. Grill on a hot pan. First the broccoli and then when its tender add the zucchini.

You can dilute the cream cheese with a milk or cream. Or like me use it like a thick spread.