Grilled Zucchini (Vegan)

A simple and delicious Vegan dish. You Need: Zucchini, sliced into discs. Lemon Juice. Grated Garlic. Paprika. Dried Herbs. Olive Oil. Salt. Mix together the paprika, lemon juice, garlic, lemon and olive oil in a bowl. Stir it up. The quantity should be enough to dip a zucchini disc in it. Leave the bowl undisturbedContinue reading “Grilled Zucchini (Vegan)”

Zucchini Prawns

This is a dish heavily inspired by the Ratatouille. You Need: Prawns. One large onion, chopped up. Couple of cloves of garlic, chopped up. Three tomatoes, chopped up into small pieces. Zucchini, cut into small bite sized pieces. Italian Seasoning. Olive Oil. Basil or Coriander for garnish. Salt. In a largish pan, sweat the onionsContinue reading “Zucchini Prawns”

Baked Fish in Foil

Keto meal which is incredibly easy to make. You Need: White Pomfret. Put a couple of slits in the flesh. A zucchini cut into long strips. Lots of chopped coriander. Chopper garlic. Olive oil. Some chilly chopped up. Red will look pretty, green will work just fine. Lemon juice. Aluminium foil. Combine coriander, garlic, chilly,Continue reading “Baked Fish in Foil”

Baked Salmon and Zucchini : For Newbies

Continuing my cooking series for when you want something really good but are either hard pressed for time or are just starting out on your cooking journey. You Need: A slice of Salmon. Zucchini, cut into rings. Each ring a little less than a centimeter thick. Italian Seasoning. Don’t buy powde, instead get something whichContinue reading “Baked Salmon and Zucchini : For Newbies”

Salmon Snaps

Super simple yet super stylish. You need: About 40 grams of Salmon. That is approximately a quarter of a slice. A zucchini cut into rings. Pepper powder. Garlic cloves. Greek Yogurt or Cream cheese. Cut the Salmon into small pieces. Make sure there are no bones. Season the Salmon with pepper. Arrange the zucchini ringsContinue reading “Salmon Snaps”

Zucchini Curls

You Need: Zucchini. Mushrooms : About a cupful, quartered. Olive Oil. Garlic, finely diced. Pomegranate. Salt and pepper to season it. Use a peeler to cut the zucchini into narrow strips. Chop up the middle part, which has the seeds. Heat a heavy bottomed pan. Put in the mushrooms and the chopped zucchini. Mix theContinue reading “Zucchini Curls”

Zucchini with Chicken : Baked

Super healthy and incredibly easy recipe. I used mustard sauce, but you can swap it with any condiment of your choice. You Need: One Zucchini, sliced into rings. One chicken breast. A tablespoon of Olive oil. Any condiment : Two tablespoons or so. I used American mustard. Cheese. Arrange the zucchini rings on the baseContinue reading “Zucchini with Chicken : Baked”

Ratatouille : A Vegan delight.

The beauty of this dish is that it uses the same ingredients for the base and the sauce. So every bite is bursting with yummy flavors. You need: An eggplant. Zucchini, one yellow and one green. Both sliced into thin rings. A red and yellow bell pepper. Sliced into thin strips. 3 tomatoes, chopped. AContinue reading “Ratatouille : A Vegan delight.”