Okra without Stickiness: Part 2

Okra cooked without any sticky or gooey mess.

Snake Gourd Stir Fry

Chop the snake gourd into small pieces. Heat oil. Add a little coconut oil as it really help elevate the flavors. Fry dry red chilies, mustard seeds cumin, coriander seeds and turmeric powder.¬†Once the crackling ends add the snake gourd. Saute and then mix in some coriander powder. Drizzle 3 tablespoons of water. Cook coveredContinue reading “Snake Gourd Stir Fry”

Baked Sweet Potato

I don’t think you can have a simpler dinner than this. Make lots of thin V type incisions in a fairly large sweet potato after peeling it. Stuff in a lot of garlic. Rub olive oil. Sprinkle thyme or any dried herb. A little paprika or any spice. Bake at 190 degrees Centigrade for 40Continue reading “Baked Sweet Potato”

Coconutty Pumpkin, Spring Onions and Cabbage

Its no surprise that I have so many recipes, which feature pumpkins. I love it. Not only does it have an inherent sweetness but when you look at its nutrition chart, you can’t help but add it in your regular diet. Just 26 calories and 7 grams of Carbs in 100 gms. Loaded with VitaminContinue reading “Coconutty Pumpkin, Spring Onions and Cabbage”