Crack ‘er Up

This is a super simple vegan recipe that needs very few ingredients but has a lovely burst of flavors. You Need: A large Brinjal / Egg Plant / Aubergine, cut into small pieces. Four large tomatoes, cut into small pieces. A cup full of cut Sorrel leaves. Sorrel is also popularly called as Khatti PalakContinue reading “Crack ‘er Up”

No Dressing Hawaiian Pasta Salad

A simple light weight and healthy salad with no dressing. You Need: A pineapple cut into small pieces. One capsicum, diced. A cup of cooked pasta. Walnuts. Red Chilly Flakes. Some mint leaves. Salt, preferably rock salt. The easiest way to cook the pasta is to take a pot of boiling hot salted water andContinue reading “No Dressing Hawaiian Pasta Salad”

Easy Peasy Buttons (Vegan)

Garlicky treat with button mushrooms and peas. You Need: 200 grams of Button Mushrooms. A cup of shelled fresh or frozen peas. Full head of Garlic. Seasoning of your choice. Olive oil. Cut the top root part of the garlic head. Wrap aluminum foil over a baking tray. Coat the garlic and mushrooms with olive oilContinue reading “Easy Peasy Buttons (Vegan)”

Eat Your Water : Cucumber, Tomato and Mango.

By weight tomatoes and cucumbers are over 94% water. Mango is also almost 83% water. What better way to good health than cutting into bite sized pieces and just tossing together: 4 Cucumbers 2 Tomatoes 1 Mango Take to a different level by adding chopped up herbs like either Dill or Coriander. Season with aContinue reading “Eat Your Water : Cucumber, Tomato and Mango.”

Radish Grilled

You Need: 3 Radishes. Garlic Paste, about a tablespoon. Red Chilly Powder, a teaspoon. A little turmeric. A teaspoon of coriander powder. Coconut oil. First part is to prep the radishes. Separate them into four parts. The root, the part that connects the root to the stem, the stem and the leaf. Discard the partContinue reading “Radish Grilled”

Okra : Vegan, Low Carb Finger Food

This is a snack, which is vegan, low carb, no oil and super uncomplicated. You need: Okra. Garlic Paste. Pepper Powder Take Okra. Wash them. Let them sit in a colander for at least 10 mins. Rub garlic paste and pepper powder and leave them for another ten minutes. Skewer them with a bamboo skewerContinue reading “Okra : Vegan, Low Carb Finger Food”

Grilled Apple Salad

The Wife went back to her yoga regimen and I wanted to make a “Pick Me Up” treat. Best form of instant energy are fruits and its always fun to combine them together to make a flavor bomb. You Need: Pomegranate. The Zest and Juice of one Orange.  Finely chopped Mint Leaves. Finely chopped GreenContinue reading “Grilled Apple Salad”