Tangy Chicken with Sweet Potato

A simple and easy to make meal with the right amount of protein and carbs. You need: Chicken, I used boneless thighs. Sweet Potato, cut into bite sized pieces. Marinade is: Sumac, Ginger, fennel seeds, Olive oil, Red Chilly and salt. Pound together all the ingredients for the marinade and taste check. It’s flavor willContinue reading “Tangy Chicken with Sweet Potato”

Balanced Meal

Simple base for both the vegetables and the fish. You Need: For the base : Lots of Garlic, a little Ginger and Green Chilly. Smashed in a pestle. Protein : Used Mackerel but you can use any fish or poultry. Sweet Potato. Radish. Any fresh herb. Used Fenugreek but coriander or parsley will also work.Continue reading “Balanced Meal”

Chicken Lemonade

I ended up with a little extra lemon and hence the tangy name. You Need: Chicken. Sweet Potato, cut into one inch pieces. Lots of garlic. Black pepper as per taste. Lemon juice. Sesame oil. As always a mortar and pestle is highly recommended. Pound together the garlic, pepper and salt. Mix into it threeContinue reading “Chicken Lemonade”

Chana Dal : Vegetarian Protein

Its very healthy to get your nutrients from multiple sources. You Need: Chana Dal : Soaked overnight. Sweet Potato : Peeled and cut into thin rings. Green Chilly, slit. Coconut Oil. Chopped Spinach. Salt. Heat coconut oil and when its hot add the green chilies. Spread out the sweet potato rings. Let them brown forContinue reading “Chana Dal : Vegetarian Protein”

Dry Brine Chicken Breast

Last week, I shared this technique for roasting a whole chicken. But then some people said it was still complicated. So I uncomplicated it a little. You Need: Chicken Breast. Both sides with the bone underneath it and skin on top. Butter, two teaspoons. Dill leaves, chopped fine. Carrots, sweet potatoes and broccoli. Garlic SaltContinue reading “Dry Brine Chicken Breast”

The 11 O’Clock

The 11 O’Clock is the most dangerous time for anyone trying to eat healthy and control their portions. Breakfast was a couple of hours back, Lunch is still some time away. So with every passing second, the bag of chips or biscuits starts looking more and more attractive. Here is a colorful and super healthyContinue reading “The 11 O’Clock”

Sweet Potato and Greens

You Need: Sweet Potatoes Turmeric, Red Chilly Powder, Coriander Powder as per taste. Any greens like Spinach, Amaranth or Malabar Spinach. Used Malabar Spinach also popularly called as Basella Alba. Some cumin, fenugreek and coriander seeds. Grated coconut and chilly flakes. Chop the sweet potatoes into small pieces. Heat some oil. Fry the turmeric powderContinue reading “Sweet Potato and Greens”

Moongre ki Subzi (Radish Pods)

I was very surprised to find a packet containing long thin beans like vegetable at my regular supermarket. It was labeled as Mugri. Googling did not help but I picked up the packet and hoped my Guruji (Aniruddh Banerjee) will help me out. He identified them over WhatsApp asĀ Mugri / MogriĀ  / Moongre. These areContinue reading “Moongre ki Subzi (Radish Pods)”

Two for One : Chutney for Breakfast, Sweet Potato Fry for lunch.

Sunday is a day you want to take it easy. This recipe yields two completely different dishes. A chutney for breakfast and a vegetable fry for lunch. For the Chutney you Need: 6-7 Garlic Cloves, chopped up. 3-4 tablespoons of dry roasted peanuts. 1 inch piece of coconut. Chop it up. Some cumin. A greenContinue reading “Two for One : Chutney for Breakfast, Sweet Potato Fry for lunch.”