Salmon in Garlic-Lemon Butter

I love Salmon for quick dinners like Iftar during the month of Ramzan. Cooks really fast and it tastes so good. You Need: A slice of Salmon at room temperature. Salt and Pepper to season it. Garlic cloves. Take as many as you want and then double it. Chop them up. Juice of a lemon.Continue reading “Salmon in Garlic-Lemon Butter”

Prawns Coriander

Simple way to make awesome prawns. You need: Prawns, preferably small in size. Cleaned and deviened. Fresh Coriander. Lots of it. Some garlic. Green chillies. Cumin powder. Ground pepper. Coconut milk, about a tablespoon. Butter. Chop together the coriander, green chillies and garlic. Mix in some salt, pepper and cumin powder. Taste and check it’sContinue reading “Prawns Coriander”

Indian Salmon Curry (Video)

You Need: Fish, preferably the head and tail parts. 2 Onions, chopped. 1 Tomato, chopped. 3-4 Green chilies, slit open. Cloves. Cinnamon Stick. Turmeric powder. Red chilly powder. Coriander powder. Coriander leaves. Rub some turmeric powder on the fish slices. Fry in oil. Remove and keep aside. Use the same oil to saute some onions,Continue reading “Indian Salmon Curry (Video)”

Salmon with Cheesy Spinach

You can use either chicken with skin or salmon. The key thing is to have something in the protein that will provide the fats needed to cook the spinach. You Need: Salmon. Spinach. Grated Cheese, preferably Cheddar. Garlic. Green Chilly. Carrots (Optional). Salt and Pepper. Heat a pan. Preferably non-stick. Carefully place the fish onContinue reading “Salmon with Cheesy Spinach”

Mushrooms and Capsicum : The Best Side for fried fish.

The fish is a simple fry. The Mushrooms and Capsicum make it  complete platter. You Need: Mushrooms, quartered. Capsicum, roughly chopped. Any Spice Mix. I use those extra packets, which come with Pizza. Garlic paste, a tablespoon Soy Sauce, A tablespoon. Corn Flour, half a teaspoon. Coriander leaves. Butter and Olive Oil. Heat about teaspoonContinue reading “Mushrooms and Capsicum : The Best Side for fried fish.”

Baked Mullet with Roasted Aubergine

Mullet is a beautiful fish that is usually available around the year. Its not very expensive and is a good source of the Omega3 fatty acids. It has a slightly sweet taste and gets along great with a lil lemony twist. You need: Mullet. Preferably about 750 grams or so weight when it was whole.Continue reading “Baked Mullet with Roasted Aubergine”