Sea Bass (Bhetki) Fry

Sea Bass or Barramundi is a  delicate fish with very few bones. Fried and served with dal rice is what they most probably provide as a staple meal in heaven. You Need: Fish slices. Ginger Garlic paste about a teaspoon per slice. Red chilly powder. Turmeric powder. Salt. Rice flour. Oil for frying. Apply theContinue reading “Sea Bass (Bhetki) Fry”

Steamed Sea Bass with Cabbage and Basella

Sea bass is a beautiful white fish that cooks really fast. This means it is perfect for steaming. It also has a very mild flavor that works great with very little seasoning. You need a deep dish with a lid for this recipe. Heat some flavorful oil like mustard and fry some red chilies, mustard seeds,Continue reading “Steamed Sea Bass with Cabbage and Basella”