Grilled Raw Mango Salad

A simple salad with a nice tangy hit. You Need: A raw mango. Totapuri. Dill Leaves. Fresh Red Chilies, De-seeded. Cut half centimeter thick slices of the raw mango. Its not important how long or wide the slices are. It is however important that they are all the same thickness. Slice open the chilly andContinue reading “Grilled Raw Mango Salad”

Cucumber and Raw Mango Boats

First you prepare the filling and chill it for a couple of minutes. It has a grated raw mango, onion, green chilly, garlic, salt and coriander: While its chilling, cut a cucumber and remove the seeds like this: Just before serving fill the cavity. Don’t tell your guests what the filing contains so you canContinue reading “Cucumber and Raw Mango Boats”