Plantain and Basella, Stir Fry

You Need: 2 Plantains. 300 Grams of Basella. Cumin Seeds. 1/4 teaspoon Turmeric. 1 teaspoon Red Chilly Powder. 1 teaspoon Coriander Powder. 1 Tablespoon of Rice Flour. Dissolve a little turmeric in water. Then boil the unpeeled plantains in this turmeric water for about 15 mins on medium heat. Remove the plantains and while theyContinue reading “Plantain and Basella, Stir Fry”

Roasted Raw Banana

Chop up plantains into small pieces and rub into it some sesame oil, turmeric powder, chilly powder and coriander powder. Dry roast some cumin, fennel, coconut and garlic. Do not overdo it. We only want them to release their lovely fragrance. Add the raw banana. Cook covered on low flame for 5 mins. Open andContinue reading “Roasted Raw Banana”

Raw Banana and Peas Cutlets

Snip the ends of the raw banana but don’t peel them. Immerse them along with some peas into boiling hot water. Add some turmeric. Cook covered after reducing the heat to low. Five minutes later switch off the stove but don’t uncover them just yet. Let them stay for another 10 mins. Finely chop lotsContinue reading “Raw Banana and Peas Cutlets”