Carrot and Radish Stuffing

You Need: Grated Carrot. Grated Radish and its chopped leaves. Coriander Seeds. Cumin Seeds. Chopped Green Chilly. Dry Mango Powder. Mustard Oil. Turmeric powder. Salt. Roast the coriander seeds and cumin seeds. Powder them. Saute the green chilly and turmeric powder in mustard oil. add 3/4th of the powdered seeds. Roast till the raw smellContinue reading “Carrot and Radish Stuffing”

Love Fish!

An extremely simple and natural meal. You Need: A slice of Seer Fish. Ground Pepper. Cumin Powder. Sumac (optional). Radish with leaves. Finely diced. Pomegranate. Oil. Rub equal amounts of cumin, pepper and sumac on fish. The fish must be fully coated. Pan fry in very little oil. Combine together the radish and pomegranate. TheyContinue reading “Love Fish!”

Pan Roasted Radishes

A simple side dish that will change the way you think about Radishes. You Need: Radishes : Cut into 1/2 cm thick rings. Garlic Salt. Paprika. Olive Oil. Coriander leaves. Combine together the garlic salt, paprika and olive oil. Use your judgement to balance them. It should be pleasant to eat as it is. TheContinue reading “Pan Roasted Radishes”

Pink Blush

A simple meal with a blush of pink. You Need: Salmon. Must be at room temperature. Salt and Pepper for the seasoning the salmon. Thinly sliced radish. Pomegranate seeds. A teaspoon of either lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Green chilly, remove the pith and seeds. Chop it up. Sprinkle salt and pepper on theContinue reading “Pink Blush”

Sauteed Chicken with Vegetables.

A healthy load of fiber and protein. You need: A carrot, cut into diagonal rings. Two radishes, cut into diagonal rings. Finely dice the leaves and keep aside. One red or yellow bell pepper. Cut into small pieces. A chicken breast. Cut into a little bigger than bite sized pieces. Salt and Pepper. Butter. SprinkleContinue reading “Sauteed Chicken with Vegetables.”

Radish Grilled

You Need: 3 Radishes. Garlic Paste, about a tablespoon. Red Chilly Powder, a teaspoon. A little turmeric. A teaspoon of coriander powder. Coconut oil. First part is to prep the radishes. Separate them into four parts. The root, the part that connects the root to the stem, the stem and the leaf. Discard the partContinue reading “Radish Grilled”

Mutton Korma : Healthy with Mooli

You need: 300 Grams of mutton with bones. Two radishes with leaves. Cut into long thick sticks. 2-3 Carrots, cut into┬álong thick sticks. 3 Onions chopped up. 1 tablespoon of ginger garlic paste. 2 Green chilies. 1 cup yogurt, beaten. A teaspoon of turmeric. Use a pressure cooker. Start with cooking the onions and greenContinue reading “Mutton Korma : Healthy with Mooli”

Veggies and Green’s

If your knife skills are good and cutting into thin sticks is your game, the total time this recipe needs is less than 15 minutes. From start to finish. You need: Sturdy vegetables like beets, carrots and radish cut into thin sticks. Fresh green like Spinach, Dill and the radish leaves. Chopped roughly. Stems andContinue reading “Veggies and Green’s”