Summer Caps

Lets welcome Summer with this simple and cooling snack. You Need: A bowl full of chopped Purple Cabbage. Pomegranate Some mint leaves A tablespoon of Mayonnaise. The vegetarian variety works well. A tablespoon of any sweet chilly sauce. Some pepper powder. Some toasted nuts. Khakra, which is a┬áthin cracker common in the Gujarati and RajasthaniContinue reading “Summer Caps”

Purple Cabbage Spread

A healthier alternative to mayonnaise. You need: A roughly chopped purple cabbage. Butter. Pepper corns about a tablespoon. Sugar either white or preferably brown, about a tablespoon. Apple cider vinegar as per taste. Extra virgin olive oil or sesame oil. Lay out the cabbage on a moderately hot pan. Let it sizzle for sometime. ThisContinue reading “Purple Cabbage Spread”