Prawns Masala : One more time

Simple and easy and a recipe that can have so many variations. You Need: A couple of prawns. One finely chopped onion. A green chilly. Three finely chopped ripe tomatoes. Fresh Coriander. A teaspoon of ginger garlic paste. Cumin Powder, a teaspoon. Turmeric, quarter teaspoon. Red Chilly powder, a teaspoon. A little butter. Oil. Salt.Continue reading “Prawns Masala : One more time”

Shrimp Fried Rice..with Sprouts and Mushrooms

A little left over rice is always a good thing. You Need: Couple of de-veined prawns. Sliced Mushrooms. Sliced Onion. A cup of sprouts. A cup of cooked rice. Chilly powder, as per taste. A tablespoon of butter. A teaspoon of ginger-garlic paste. Oil for frying. A tablespoon of soy-sauce. Fresh coriander. This is aContinue reading “Shrimp Fried Rice..with Sprouts and Mushrooms”

Prawns Coriander

Simple way to make awesome prawns. You need: Prawns, preferably small in size. Cleaned and deviened. Fresh Coriander. Lots of it. Some garlic. Green chillies. Cumin powder. Ground pepper. Coconut milk, about a tablespoon. Butter. Chop together the coriander, green chillies and garlic. Mix in some salt, pepper and cumin powder. Taste and check it’sContinue reading “Prawns Coriander”

Jhatpat Prawns

A simple and quick prawns recipe that can be either a starter or extended into a full meal. You Need: Prawns : Cleaned and de-veined. Chopped Shallots. The small onions commonly used in Sambhar. Ginger Garlic paste. Red Chilly powder. Turmeric powder. Coriander powder. Lemon juice. Butter. If extending into a full meal Cooked Millet’sContinue reading “Jhatpat Prawns”