Crispy Fried Prawns

Crispy and Super Delicious Treat. Prawns. Preferably large size. Paprika Powder. Turmeric. Salt. Corn Starch. One teaspoon per prawn. All Purpose Flour, one teaspoon per prawn. Curry leaves. Oil for frying. Take a dry dish with a lid. Sprinkle some paprika, salt, turmeric, curry leaves, corn flour and all purpose flour in it. Taste it.Continue reading “Crispy Fried Prawns”

Mezzelune : Half Moon Ravioli

This is a recipe best described in multiple parts. The Filling, Part 1: 300 grams of Fresh Prawns. Cleaned and chopped up. Butter. Chopped Garlic. Salt for seasoning. Melt the butter. Saute the garlic till its raw smell is gone. Add the prawns and saute till they are done. Also season them and balance it.Continue reading “Mezzelune : Half Moon Ravioli”

Zucchini Prawns

This is a dish heavily inspired by the Ratatouille. You Need: Prawns. One large onion, chopped up. Couple of cloves of garlic, chopped up. Three tomatoes, chopped up into small pieces. Zucchini, cut into small bite sized pieces. Italian Seasoning. Olive Oil. Basil or Coriander for garnish. Salt. In a largish pan, sweat the onionsContinue reading “Zucchini Prawns”

Prawns Pasta

Perfect for lunch boxes. You Need: A cup of cooked Pasta. Two Bell Peppers, diced. Dill Leaves, chopped up. A tablespoon of butter. Prawns. Garlic. Black Pepper. Olive or Sesame oil. Lemon Juice. Pound the garlic and pepper into a paste. Add in the oil and lemon juice. Marinade the prawns in this for 15Continue reading “Prawns Pasta”

Utterly Butterly Delicious

This recipe works with both prawns and boneless chicken. I made both in the same pan one after the other. But cooked the prawns before I cooked the chicken. You need: Boneless Chicken, cut into small bite sized pieces. Prawns, cleaned and de-veined. Dill Leaves. Pepper Corns. Garlic. Ginger. Olive Oil or Sesame oil (MyContinue reading “Utterly Butterly Delicious”

Prawns Masala : One more time

Simple and easy and a recipe that can have so many variations. You Need: A couple of prawns. One finely chopped onion. A green chilly. Three finely chopped ripe tomatoes. Fresh Coriander. A teaspoon of ginger garlic paste. Cumin Powder, a teaspoon. Turmeric, quarter teaspoon. Red Chilly powder, a teaspoon. A little butter. Oil. Salt.Continue reading “Prawns Masala : One more time”

Shrimp Fried Rice..with Sprouts and Mushrooms

A little left over rice is always a good thing. You Need: Couple of de-veined prawns. Sliced Mushrooms. Sliced Onion. A cup of sprouts. A cup of cooked rice. Chilly powder, as per taste. A tablespoon of butter. A teaspoon of ginger-garlic paste. Oil for frying. A tablespoon of soy-sauce. Fresh coriander. This is aContinue reading “Shrimp Fried Rice..with Sprouts and Mushrooms”