Roasted Mackerel

My favorite fish prepared in my favorite way. You Need: A Mackerel. Thinly sliced onion. Chopped Garlic. Chopped Green Chilly. Extra virgin olive oil or cold pressed sesame oil. Any vegetables. The fish must be completely clean. Not even a sliver of the inner black stomach lining must remain. This is extremely important. Stuff theContinue reading “Roasted Mackerel”

Chicken Lemonade

I ended up with a little extra lemon and hence the tangy name. You Need: Chicken. Sweet Potato, cut into one inch pieces. Lots of garlic. Black pepper as per taste. Lemon juice. Sesame oil. As always a mortar and pestle is highly recommended. Pound together the garlic, pepper and salt. Mix into it threeContinue reading “Chicken Lemonade”

Coriander Pepper Chicken

My mom’s recipe uses fish. I swapped the protein with chicken and it came out almost as good. This recipe has 4 distinct stages. Combine together: Chicken : Couple of legs and thighs. Half a teaspoon of red chilly powder for each piece of chicken. Quarter teaspoon of turmeric for each piece of chicken. TablespoonContinue reading “Coriander Pepper Chicken”

Easy Peasy Bell Pepper Pastry

You need: Half a puff pastry sheet. Two Bell Peppers. One yellow and one red. Thinly sliced. A tablespoon of Olive oil. A teaspoon of seasoning. A teaspoon of chilly flakes. Two cheese slices. Lay out the sheet on parchment paper. Fold about half a cm on all corners to make a small boundary wall.Continue reading “Easy Peasy Bell Pepper Pastry”

Chicken in a Pan

Christmas eve and the oven was busy. Decided to use a pan for a whole chicken and it turned out super succulent and juicy. You need: A small whole chicken. Rub salt all over it before its refrigerated. Sriracha powder. Garlic Paste one heaped tablespoon. 2 medium onions, finely chopped. Some red and yellow capsicum,Continue reading “Chicken in a Pan”

Fenugreek, Peppers and Fish

It is not a common combination but they work well. Especially when team up with some rice and sambhar. While I used the large Bajji Peppers, you can bell peppers as well. The small fenugreek leaves are my favorite but you can also use the large ones. Any fish will do. Here I used blackContinue reading “Fenugreek, Peppers and Fish”