Mullet and Peas

Simple is always a lot more elegant. Mullet Fillets. Freshly crushed pepper. All Purpose Flour. Oil. Peas. Butter. Chilly Flakes. Garlic Powder. Salt. Pat the fish dry. Combine together some flour, pepper and salt. Taste it to adjust the salt. Sprinkle this over the fish. The quantity must be such the fish is fully coveredContinue reading “Mullet and Peas”

Peas with Paneer

A very simple take on the classic Mattar Paneer. You Need: Paneer, 200 grams, grated and what you could not grate..just smash it up. Peas, 200 grams. Either frozen or fresh. Onion, finely chopped. Bell pepper, finely chopped. Its optional but makes the dish very colorful. Cumin seeds, a teaspoon. Turmeric, Chilly Powder, Coriander powderContinue reading “Peas with Paneer”

Easy Peasy Buttons (Vegan)

Garlicky treat with button mushrooms and peas. You Need: 200 grams of Button Mushrooms. A cup of shelled fresh or frozen peas. Full head of Garlic. Seasoning of your choice. Olive oil. Cut the top root part of the garlic head.¬†Wrap aluminum foil over a baking tray. Coat the garlic and mushrooms with olive oilContinue reading “Easy Peasy Buttons (Vegan)”

Chicken with Vegetables

You Need: 1 Chicken Breast, cut into small pieces. 300 grams of finely diced cabbage. Some french beans, cut into small pieces. A fistful of peas: Skip this if you are on a Keto diet. Turmeric Powder Red Chilly Powder, about 1 heaped teaspoon. Coriander Powder, about 1 tablespoon. Mustard Oil. Heat mustard oil andContinue reading “Chicken with Vegetables”

Peas and Pumpkin Curry

This recipe is heavily inspired by Atul’s post in Facebook. Its originally called as Banarasi Matar Ka Nimona. The big difference is that we used pumpkin instead of potatoes. Rest of the recipe is itself a copy paste of his original with minor edits. You need: 1 Kg Peas – Weight before shelling. 250 gramsContinue reading “Peas and Pumpkin Curry”

Raw Banana and Peas Cutlets

Snip the ends of the raw banana but don’t peel them. Immerse them along with some peas into boiling hot water. Add some turmeric. Cook covered after reducing the heat to low. Five minutes later switch off the stove but don’t uncover them just yet. Let them stay for another 10 mins. Finely chop lotsContinue reading “Raw Banana and Peas Cutlets”