Mezzelune : Half Moon Ravioli

This is a recipe best described in multiple parts. The Filling, Part 1: 300 grams of Fresh Prawns. Cleaned and chopped up. Butter. Chopped Garlic. Salt for seasoning. Melt the butter. Saute the garlic till its raw smell is gone. Add the prawns and saute till they are done. Also season them and balance it.Continue reading “Mezzelune : Half Moon Ravioli”

Prawns Pasta

Perfect for lunch boxes. You Need: A cup of cooked Pasta. Two Bell Peppers, diced. Dill Leaves, chopped up. A tablespoon of butter. Prawns. Garlic. Black Pepper. Olive or Sesame oil. Lemon Juice. Pound the garlic and pepper into a paste. Add in the oil and lemon juice. Marinade the prawns in this for 15Continue reading “Prawns Pasta”

Spaghetti : No Cheese

Easy and clean. You Need: Spaghetti or any pasta. Boneless Chicken or Prawns : Marinated in Paprika, garlic powder, lemon juice and salt. Chopped Coriander. Oil. Butter or Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Cook the Spaghetti as per the instructions on its packet and keep aside. Saute the marinated chicken or prawns in oil. When theyContinue reading “Spaghetti : No Cheese”

Chicken Pasta Soup

A simple and hearty meal for the cold winter days. You Need: Chicken cut into small pieces. Preferably more boneless pieces than with bone. Pasta or spaghetti about a 100 grams. Butter or Olive Oil. The flavor kick is Garlic, so lot of of it chopped. Seasoning: Pepper, Cumin Powder and Salt. Aromatics: Chopped corianderContinue reading “Chicken Pasta Soup”

Broccoli Pasta

Easy way to liven up a pasta dinner. You Need: A head of Broccoli, grated. Two tablespoons of butter. A teaspoon of flour. Approximately 100 ml of whole milk. A cheese slice. Seasoning of your choice. Chilly flakes. Freshly ground pepper. Pasta cooked in salted water as per instructions on its pack. Save a littleContinue reading “Broccoli Pasta”

Cheesy Spaghetti

Weekday dinners need to be fun and quick. You Need: Spaghetti. Mushrooms about 200 grams, cut into small pieces. Yellow or Red Capsicum, cut into small pieces. Oregano seasoning as per your preference. Butter about 2 tablespoons. Flour, a heaped teaspoon. A cup of milk at room temperature. As much processed cheese as you like.Continue reading “Cheesy Spaghetti”

Balanced Comfort : Mushroom Cheesy Pasta.

A creamy and cheesy mushroom sauce for pasta. You need: Mushrooms, 200 grams. A fistful of garlic. Seasoning. 100 ml of fresh cream. 100 grams of grated cheese. A tablespoon of olive oil. Pasta. Do it in this sequence to save time. Take two vessels. One large enough to take in at least 1.5 litersContinue reading “Balanced Comfort : Mushroom Cheesy Pasta.”