Easy Peasy Buttons (Vegan)

Garlicky treat with button mushrooms and peas. You Need: 200 grams of Button Mushrooms. A cup of shelled fresh or frozen peas. Full head of Garlic. Seasoning of your choice. Olive oil. Cut the top root part of the garlic head.¬†Wrap aluminum foil over a baking tray. Coat the garlic and mushrooms with olive oilContinue reading “Easy Peasy Buttons (Vegan)”

Mason Jar Chicken Salad

A simple salad, which is easy to cook, fun to store and super delicious to eat. You Need: One chicken breast cut into small (One CM squares) pieces. 200 Grams of Button Mushrooms, chopped up. 3 Bell Peppers, any color, cut into bite sized pieces. 1 Tablespoon of mustard oil. 3-4 finely chopped green chilies.Continue reading “Mason Jar Chicken Salad”

A Five Course Meal in a Plate

There is no danger in overeating when the food is this healthy. There are 3 parts to this plate. Part 1 : Chicken and Pumpkin. Take a chicken breast and pumpkin. Cut into small pieces. Liberally coat with olive oil, pepper and salt. Spread them out on a tray. Wrapping the top of the trayContinue reading “A Five Course Meal in a Plate”

Mushrooms and Eggs, Baked

A simple but beautiful breakfast or dinner. You Need: 200 grams of button mushrooms, finely sliced. Two eggs. A little salt and a little pepper. Some cheese. Olive oil or butter. Use a dish, you can serve it in. Grease it with olive oil or butter. Spread out the mushrooms. Sprinkle some pepper and salt.Continue reading “Mushrooms and Eggs, Baked”

Chicken Fillers

Nothing is satisfying as a nice juicy filling inside any roll. You can this simple chicken filler inside a dosa, roti, tortilla, naan, bun or bread. Great when packing lunch boxes or watching a movie, while having dinner. You Need: One portion Chicken breast, cut into small pieces. 200 grams of button mushrooms, chopped up.Continue reading “Chicken Fillers”

A Ten Rupee Hack

You need: Any of those instant cup-a-soup (12 grams) packets from Knorr or Maggi. A small head of cabbage, shredded. 200 grams of button mushrooms, diced. A capsicum, diced. Olive oil A teaspoon of garlic paste. Heat olive oil, saute the garlic paste for less than 30 seconds. Add the mushrooms and capsicum. Cook onContinue reading “A Ten Rupee Hack”

Seer in Mushroom Butter Sauce

You Need: Two slices of Seer Fish. You can also use Pink Perch, Sea Bass or Salmon. Preferably as a fillet. Skin on or off depends on the fish. 1 heaped tablespoon of butter. 200 gms of Button Mushrooms, finely chopped One onion chopped. One bell pepper, chopped. This is optional. One tablespoon of flourContinue reading “Seer in Mushroom Butter Sauce”

Macaroni in Roux with Vegetables

I was out shopping with my kids, when my son spotted Broccoli and decided that dinner was going to be Pasta. You Need: 250 gms of Pasta. Follow instruction and cook them in salted water. Save 100 ml of this starchy water for later. 5-6 finely sliced garlic cloves. 200 grams of button mushrooms, choppedContinue reading “Macaroni in Roux with Vegetables”

Mushroom Dill Stir

You need: Some button mushrooms sliced. Dill leaves finely chopped. Garlic paste as per taste. Dry chilly flakes, less than a teaspoon. Butter. Melt butter, saute mushrooms on high for about five minutes. Keep stirring so they caramelize but don’t burn. Mix in the chilly flakes, garlic paste and dill leaves. Cook for about aContinue reading “Mushroom Dill Stir”