Mushroom Pepper Noodles

Some tips on how to cook noodles at home. You Need: Mushrooms. Garlic. Onion. Lots of freshly ground pepper. Tomato Paste. Noodles. Butter. Salt. The noodle packet will tell you how much time it will take to cook them in water. Make a note of that. Usually its under 5 minutes and more like 2-3.Continue reading “Mushroom Pepper Noodles”

Mushroom and Spinach

Bored with the same old spreads… You Need: Couple of mushrooms, chopped. Spinach, chopped. Mayonnaise. Pepper. Butter. Chilly Flakes. Melt some butter and saute mushrooms. Cook on high heat and keep stirring. Caramelize them and remove into a bowl. In the same pan add the chopped spinach. Sprinkle pepper and saute till the Spinach isContinue reading “Mushroom and Spinach”

Cheesy Spaghetti

Weekday dinners need to be fun and quick. You Need: Spaghetti. Mushrooms about 200 grams, cut into small pieces. Yellow or Red Capsicum, cut into small pieces. Oregano seasoning as per your preference. Butter about 2 tablespoons. Flour, a heaped teaspoon. A cup of milk at room temperature. As much processed cheese as you like.Continue reading “Cheesy Spaghetti”

Balanced Comfort : Mushroom Cheesy Pasta.

A creamy and cheesy mushroom sauce for pasta. You need: Mushrooms, 200 grams. A fistful of garlic. Seasoning. 100 ml of fresh cream. 100 grams of grated cheese. A tablespoon of olive oil. Pasta. Do it in this sequence to save time. Take two vessels. One large enough to take in at least 1.5 litersContinue reading “Balanced Comfort : Mushroom Cheesy Pasta.”

Chicken and Mushrooms : One Pot Keto.

A simple one pot keto meal for new cooks. You Need: Chicken legs and thighs. Button Mushrooms, cut into quarters. Preferably get thick mushrooms. Garlic Salt. Ground Pepper. Coriander. Heat about a tablespoon of oil. Add the chicken and cook covered on low heat, covered for about 10 minutes. Add garlic salt and pepper. MixContinue reading “Chicken and Mushrooms : One Pot Keto.”

Mushrooms and Capsicum : The Best Side for fried fish.

The fish is a simple fry. The Mushrooms and Capsicum make it  complete platter. You Need: Mushrooms, quartered. Capsicum, roughly chopped. Any Spice Mix. I use those extra packets, which come with Pizza. Garlic paste, a tablespoon Soy Sauce, A tablespoon. Corn Flour, half a teaspoon. Coriander leaves. Butter and Olive Oil. Heat about teaspoonContinue reading “Mushrooms and Capsicum : The Best Side for fried fish.”

Lemony Low Carb

A simple and cheap low carb option is cabbage. Lemony flavors to kick up the taste. You need: Mushrooms. Cabbage. Lettuce. Chilly flakes. Green chili, chopped. Lemon. Butter. Melt butter. Saute the green chili. Add in the mushrooms. Top it with lemon zest. When cooked, remove. Saute cabbage. Put a piece of butter on top.Continue reading “Lemony Low Carb”

Garlicky Beans and Mushrooms

A great side or an amazing topping. You Need: Green Beans : 200 grams. Mushrooms : 200 grams. 7-8 Garlic cloves. A couple of shallots. Butter. Ground Pepper. Cut beans into any size of your choice. Get water to a boil. Season with a tablespoon of salt. Add the beans in it and let themContinue reading “Garlicky Beans and Mushrooms”

Zucchini Curls

You Need: Zucchini. Mushrooms : About a cupful, quartered. Olive Oil. Garlic, finely diced. Pomegranate. Salt and pepper to season it. Use a peeler to cut the zucchini into narrow strips. Chop up the middle part, which has the seeds. Heat a heavy bottomed pan. Put in the mushrooms and the chopped zucchini. Mix theContinue reading “Zucchini Curls”