Moong Daal

Moong daal is one of my favourite lentils. It cooks pretty fast and there is no need for a long soaking either. Moong Daal : About a teacup. Washed and soaked for about 30 minutes. Onions : Finely diced. A little ginger-garlic paste. Green Chilly, chopped up. Tomato : Chopped up. Lots of chopped upContinue reading “Moong Daal”

Moong Bean Dosa

There are two important parts to this simple recipe. Soak Moong Beans overnight and wash them well before you put them in the blender with a chopped onion, garlic, green chilly, salt and whole cumin. Use a little water to blend into a paste with rough texture. Binder, this can be anything from soaked idlyContinue reading “Moong Bean Dosa”