Tangy Chicken with Sweet Potato

A simple and easy to make meal with the right amount of protein and carbs. You need: Chicken, I used boneless thighs. Sweet Potato, cut into bite sized pieces. Marinade is: Sumac, Ginger, fennel seeds, Olive oil, Red Chilly and salt. Pound together all the ingredients for the marinade and taste check. It’s flavor willContinue reading “Tangy Chicken with Sweet Potato”

Grilled Mackerel

I don’t need to repeat what I feel about the Mackerels. You Need: Mackerel Fillets : I don’t remove the bones as I give it to my cats. Lemon Juice. Finely chopped and mashed garlic. Finely diced green chilly. A little sesame oil. Salt. Combine together all the ingredients.┬áLay the fish, skin side up onContinue reading “Grilled Mackerel”

Its Saturday!

My son loves chicken and my daughter loves potatoes. A perfect dish for both of them. You Need: Chicken Legs. Make some deep slits. Baby potatoes, unpeeled and cut into two pieces. Red Chilly Flakes. Dried Oregano. Garlic, lots of it. Smash and make into a paste. Salt. Sesame oil. Combine all the ingredients exceptContinue reading “Its Saturday!”

Methi (Fenugreek) Chicken

We knew this as Chotti or Barik Methi, the world today calls it as a micro-green super food. You Need: Chicken, preferably boneless thigh meat. Cut into bite sized pieces. Chotti Methi. One finely diced onion. Garlic, more the better. A green chilly. Turmeric powder, 1/4 teaspoon. Coriander powder, a teaspoon. Bell Peppers, cut intoContinue reading “Methi (Fenugreek) Chicken”

Roasted Mackerel

My favorite fish prepared in my favorite way. You Need: A Mackerel. Thinly sliced onion. Chopped Garlic. Chopped Green Chilly. Extra virgin olive oil or cold pressed sesame oil. Any vegetables. The fish must be completely clean. Not even a sliver of the inner black stomach lining must remain. This is extremely important. Stuff theContinue reading “Roasted Mackerel”

Keto Wraps

Finger food is always fun. You Need: A head of cabbage. Boneless Chicken cut into small pieces. Two tablespoons of Butter. Red Chilly Flakes. Any dry herbs. Garlic powder. Salt. Mayonnaise or any other condiments are optional. Carefully unwrap the cabbage and save the large outer leaves. Cut the remaining into thin strips. Melt aContinue reading “Keto Wraps”

Garlic-Pepper Chicken

A simple dinner. You Need: Chicken preferable the breast. Garlic. Ginger. Black Pepper. Dry Oregano. Salt. Lemon juice. Mustard or Olive oil. In a mortar and pestle pound together all the ingredients except the chicken to make a marinade. Taste and adjust accordingly.Let it sit for at least fifteen minutes so that the flavor developsContinue reading “Garlic-Pepper Chicken”

Fish with Pounded Spices

The best way to improve your cooking is to invest a lil time into your tools. Go old school and get a mortar-pestle. You Need: Seer Fish slices. Finely diced onion. Lots of garlic. Green chilies. Some fennel seeds. Some Cumin seeds. Chopped tomatoes. Mustard oil. Pound together the garlic, green chilies, fennel and cumin.Continue reading “Fish with Pounded Spices”

Chicken Lemonade

I ended up with a little extra lemon and hence the tangy name. You Need: Chicken. Sweet Potato, cut into one inch pieces. Lots of garlic. Black pepper as per taste. Lemon juice. Sesame oil. As always a mortar and pestle is highly recommended. Pound together the garlic, pepper and salt. Mix into it threeContinue reading “Chicken Lemonade”