Roasted Bones & Vegetables

I love cooking with bones. They bring in a huge flavor boost to any dish and are really low in calories…I mean you can’t really eat the bones. Its just the flavor which escapes from them as they cook, which we are interested in. In this particular recipe choose bones that have no meat andContinue reading “Roasted Bones & Vegetables”

Steamed & then Grilled Chicken

The biggest challenge with cooking a whole chicken is keeping the breasts soft without leaving the legs raw. A simple way to get around this is steaming. Now like most normal kitchens, I don’t have a large steamer. But I do have a pressure cooker. So the first step is to prepare a solution withContinue reading “Steamed & then Grilled Chicken”

Sorrel and Chicken

Its a very simple recipe with very little effort. Melt butter in an pressure pan and once its starts frothing add chicken pieces. Cook on the same medium heat till its browned all over. Remove and keep aside. In the same pan add a chopped onion and a couple of bunches of chopped sorrel leaves.Continue reading “Sorrel and Chicken”

Figs and Radish Salad

  Use a madoline to thinly slice the radishes. Cut fresh figs into 5 mm thick discs. Celery leaves, green chilly and walnuts give it some more variety. Dressing is a simple 3 tablespoons of olive oil with 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar. Sandwich multiple radish discs and the figs when eating to get anContinue reading “Figs and Radish Salad”

Chicken..of the keto variety.

A large chicken with skin. The one I used weighed almost 2 kilos or 4+ pounds. Cut into large pieces. In a pressure cooker added butter, green chilies, nutmeg powder, cumin, sesame seeds…actually you can add just about anything you want. Cook for an hour in a closed pressure cooker without the weight. Keep theContinue reading “Chicken..of the keto variety.”

Chicken with Greens and Pumpkin

Its a feel good lunch packed with loads of health. Chop up a pumpkin into small 1 centimeter pieces. Used here a combination of spinach and fenugreek leaves. But you can use just about anything you want. Melt a good amount of butter and then add garlic paste and dry red chilies. Saute till the raw smellContinue reading “Chicken with Greens and Pumpkin”