Grilled Chicken

Simple and melt in your mouth chicken with no time wasted for marinating it. The key to juicy chicken is temperature and how well we seal up its juices. You need: Chicken leg and thigh with skin. Salt and Pepper. Chopped garlic about a tablespoon. Soy sauce, a teaspoon. Honey, a teaspoon. Dried oregano. ChillyContinue reading “Grilled Chicken”

Grilled Coriander Garlic Chicken

If you want really really juicy chicken, then get yourself a good meat thermometer. Chicken is cooked when its internal temperature has reached 75 degrees Centigrade. You cannot judge this visually nor by touch. The safest and easiest way is to poke in the thermometer and check. Rub chopped garlic, coriander, olive oil, coriander powderContinue reading “Grilled Coriander Garlic Chicken”