Spatchcock Chicken with Coriander, Garlic


You need:

  • A whole chicken with skin.
  • Lots of coriander, garlic and green chilies chopped up really fine.
  • Any oil preferably olive or sesame.
  • Salt.

After you clean the bird, generously salt it and keep it in the freezer. About 2-3 hours before you plan to grill it, remove and let it thaw. Wash out the excess salt. The meat would have absorbed enough salt and do not add anymore at any time in the cooking process.

To spatchcock the bird, use kitchen shears or a sharp knife and remove the back bone all the way to the neck. Lay it down on a flat board with breast facing up. No using your palm, press down till the wish bone breaks.

Mix the oil with the finely chopped coriander, garlic and green chilies. Using your fingers stuff in as much of these into the gap between the skin and meat of the bird.


The advantage of spatchcocking the bird is that it protects the breasts while allowing the legs to attain higher temperatures.

Grill at 240C for about 45-55 mins. The time depends on the size of the bird. When the legs reach 75C and the breasts hover around 65C, the chicken is ready. You may want to blast it with maximum heat with only top setting for about 4-5 mins.


Let it rest for at least 10 mins before you start carving it up.

I grilled the back along with the whole bird for my kittens.

Grilled Coriander Garlic Chicken


If you want really really juicy chicken, then get yourself a good meat thermometer. Chicken is cooked when its internal temperature has reached 75 degrees Centigrade. You cannot judge this visually nor by touch. The safest and easiest way is to poke in the thermometer and check.

Rub chopped garlic, coriander, olive oil, coriander powder and salt on chicken legs and breast. I had exactly half a chicken and that is what went into the oven. I am not a big fan of full birds when time is scarce. A bird divided into four separate portions cooks much better.

Chicken is placed on an oiled grill with a flat tray underneath. Wrap the in foil and you save yourself a lot of time while cleaning.

The oven must be preheated to 200 and the chicken stays inside for almost 40 mins. Then turn the pieces over after checking the temperature. Do not let the temperature cross 77 degrees. Around 80 degrees you have started destroying its texture. Any higher and you will be eating cardboard.

Enjoy the super juicy chicken with your family.