Beetroot and Bottle gourd with Lentils

This is one of my goto vegetable dishes. It needs a lentil, I used yellow Mung beans. a gourd, I used bottle gourd. a sturdy vegetable, I used beetroot. aromatics, I used onions, garlic, chilly and so on. a healthy fat, everyone must use ghee. some spices like cumin, fennel etc. Soak the lentils inContinue reading “Beetroot and Bottle gourd with Lentils”

Thaalippu Bottle Gourd

Thaalippu is a simple seasoning mix that is available in most traditional Tamil cooking supplies stores. My home in Chennai is quite close to the famous Ambica Apalam Depot. That shop has some really good stuff and I miss them sorely in my current city. You Need: A teaspoon of Thaalippu. A tablespoon of Ghee.Continue reading “Thaalippu Bottle Gourd”

Stir Fried Mustard Leaves

You need: Mustard Leaves. Bathua Leaves. Approximately half the quantity of the Mustard leaves. A whole radish with it’s leaves. An onion, sliced. Two green chillies. A couple of cloves of garlic, chopped. A heaped tablespoon of ghee. Two tablespoons of mustard oil. Fry the onion, garlic, green chillies and radish root in mustard oil.Continue reading “Stir Fried Mustard Leaves”