Baby Corn in Garlic Roux

You Need: Baby Corn : Cut into bite sized pieces. Garlic : as many cloves as you want, cut into small pieces. One teaspoon of butter. One teaspoon of flour. 12 teaspoons of milk. Red Chilly Flakes or freshly ground black pepper. Heat a pan. Toss in the baby corn and let them get toastedContinue reading “Baby Corn in Garlic Roux”

Butter Garlic Kidney Beans

You need: One cup of dried red beans (Rajma). Soak them overnight. Wash well before use. 12 cloves of garlic. A tablespoon of butter. Some peppercorns. Tomatoes, optional. Grated carrots, optional. Don’t forget to soak the red beans overnight and discard that water. Also wash them well before use. Put them inside a heavy pan.Continue reading “Butter Garlic Kidney Beans”

Garlic Chilly Chicken

The ingredients needed for this are in the title itself. Super simple but there is one step, which needs to be done carefully. Chicken, preferable a couple of thighs and legs. Make slits for the spices to get in. Garlic pods, as much as you dare. I used a little more than a fistful. FourContinue reading “Garlic Chilly Chicken”

Fish Baked in Parchment (En-Papillote)

This is a very fascinating technique that is extremely easy and tastes amazing. The only thing better than the taste is the aroma. You Need: Parchment Paper : A rectangle of approximately 18 by 12 inches. Any Delicate Fish : Used three slices of Black Pomfret. French Beans : About 100 grams. The ends cutContinue reading “Fish Baked in Parchment (En-Papillote)”

Butter Fried Prawns

Simple and easy to cook this is a fantastic dish with anything. Melt a good amount of butter and add garlic paste or mince. Finely chopped coriander. Saute a min and then add the prawns. Cook on low heat till they are all white. Do not overcook. Don’t miss out on the amazing butter leftContinue reading “Butter Fried Prawns”