Fish with Pounded Spices

The best way to improve your cooking is to invest a lil time into your tools. Go old school and get a mortar-pestle. You Need: Seer Fish slices. Finely diced onion. Lots of garlic. Green chilies. Some fennel seeds. Some Cumin seeds. Chopped tomatoes. Mustard oil. Pound together the garlic, green chilies, fennel and cumin.Continue reading “Fish with Pounded Spices”

Love Fish!

An extremely simple and natural meal. You Need: A slice of Seer Fish. Ground Pepper. Cumin Powder. Sumac (optional). Radish with leaves. Finely diced. Pomegranate. Oil. Rub equal amounts of cumin, pepper and sumac on fish. The fish must be fully coated. Pan fry in very little oil. Combine together the radish and pomegranate. TheyContinue reading “Love Fish!”

Sardines..Double the Health.

How do you make sardines healthier…cook them in coconut oil. You Need: Sardines about a kilo. Coconut oil, two tablespoons. Garlic Paste, two teaspoons. Pepper powder, Red Chilly powder in a combination based on your preference. Turmeric powder. Salt. You will need a nonstick pan with a glass lid. Rub everything on the fish. SpreadContinue reading “Sardines..Double the Health.”

Grilled Fish (Pink Perch)

A very simple and absolutely uncomplicated recipe. You Need to combine together in any quantity the following: The fish. Olive Oil. Lemon juice. Chopped Garlic. Ground Pepper. Salt. Spread foil on a baking tray. Spread out the fish, which has been coated with all the other ingredients. Into a pre-heated oven at 180C for 20Continue reading “Grilled Fish (Pink Perch)”

Sea Bass (Bhetki) Fry

Sea Bass or Barramundi is a  delicate fish with very few bones. Fried and served with dal rice is what they most probably provide as a staple meal in heaven. You Need: Fish slices. Ginger Garlic paste about a teaspoon per slice. Red chilly powder. Turmeric powder. Salt. Rice flour. Oil for frying. Apply theContinue reading “Sea Bass (Bhetki) Fry”

Surmai, En papillote.

En papillote is a French term that simply means, wrapped in paper. You Need: Any sea fish. Garlic, chopped up. Onion, cut into rings. Green chilly, chopped up. Any aromatic fresh herb. Olive oil. Bell pepper cut into large pieces. Parchment paper. It must be cut into a rectangle with one side approximately double theContinue reading “Surmai, En papillote.”