Fishy Meals

Its quite easy to pair up fish with healthy carbs. Recipe for figs is nothing, just get fresh figs and cut them up. For the fish, read on. You Need: Mackerel but any sea fish with firm flesh will do. Make a paste of coconut oil, rice flour, paprika, garlic paste, lemon juice or vinegar.Continue reading “Fishy Meals”

A Five Course Meal in a Plate

There is no danger in overeating when the food is this healthy. There are 3 parts to this plate. Part 1 : Chicken and Pumpkin. Take a chicken breast and pumpkin. Cut into small pieces. Liberally coat with olive oil, pepper and salt. Spread them out on a tray. Wrapping the top of the trayContinue reading “A Five Course Meal in a Plate”

Figs and Radish Salad

  Use a madoline to thinly slice the radishes. Cut fresh figs into 5 mm thick discs. Celery leaves, green chilly and walnuts give it some more variety. Dressing is a simple 3 tablespoons of olive oil with 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar. Sandwich multiple radish discs and the figs when eating to get anContinue reading “Figs and Radish Salad”