Mint (Pudina) Chutney

Been a busy period and finally decided that at least 3 pics and a 3 line recipe is long overdue. This is is a quick and easy chutney, which is super versatile. Roast coconut on an open flame. Grind together in the following sequence to get a smooth paste, coconut, cumin and ginger. Add mintContinue reading “Mint (Pudina) Chutney”

Sardines..Double the Health.

How do you make sardines healthier…cook them in coconut oil. You Need: Sardines about a kilo. Coconut oil, two tablespoons. Garlic Paste, two teaspoons. Pepper powder, Red Chilly powder in a combination based on your preference. Turmeric powder. Salt. You will need a nonstick pan with a glass lid. Rub everything on the fish. SpreadContinue reading “Sardines..Double the Health.”

Crunchy Beans

A simple crunchy snack. You Need: French beans, cut into about 1 cm long pieces. Carrots, cut into small pieces. Garlic, chopped up. Some cumin and mustard seeds. Freshly ground pepper. Grated coconut. Any aromatic oil like mustard or coconut oil. Get water to a boil. Add in the beans. Let them boil away atContinue reading “Crunchy Beans”

Oil Free Cabbage – Vegan

You need: A fistful or more of peanuts. A square inch of coconut. Two cloves garlic. Three green chillies. A medium head if cabbage, finely diced. First heat a thick bottomed pan and dry roast the peanuts and coconut. The peanuts get cooked and the coconut releases it’s oils. Let them cool and roughly grindContinue reading “Oil Free Cabbage – Vegan”

Coconutty Pumpkin, Spring Onions and Cabbage

Its no surprise that I have so many recipes, which feature pumpkins. I love it. Not only does it have an inherent sweetness but when you look at its nutrition chart, you can’t help but add it in your regular diet. Just 26 calories and 7 grams of Carbs in 100 gms. Loaded with VitaminContinue reading “Coconutty Pumpkin, Spring Onions and Cabbage”