Chilly Broccoli

Simple as always. You need: A head of broccoli. Separate into large florets. Wash and dry. A yellow capsicum, sliced into long thick sticks. 4-5 Big Red Chilies, remove seeds and cut lengthwise thru the middle. 4 tablespoons of Flavored Oil : Use either sesame, coconut or olive oil. Add pepper, salt, cumin seeds, onionContinue reading “Chilly Broccoli”

Vegan Proteins : Green Chickpeas

Green Chickpeas are an excellent source of folate (vitamin B9) as well vitamins A & C. They also contain a good amount of protein, iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. You Need: Approx 100 gms of dry chickpea per serving per person. 1 teaspoon each of cumin and coriander seeds. A little turmeric powder. Chopped Mint leaves,Continue reading “Vegan Proteins : Green Chickpeas”

Beets, Fenugreek with Chilly

Just a off beat combination that works in a surprisingly good way. The bitter fenugreek leaves meet green peppers and complimented by sweet beetroots. Heat sunflower oil. Add a few drops of coconut oil for the flavor. Add the chilies and cook on high heat. Two mins later add the chopped fenugreek leaves. Once theyContinue reading “Beets, Fenugreek with Chilly”