Chicken on a Stick

A fun dinner, you can mix and match in any which way you want. Stick Type 1: Boneless Chicken Curd. Lemon Juice. Turmeric Powder. Paprika. Salt. Stick Type 2: Raw Onions. No Stick: Broccoli. Garlic cloves. Whole Chilly. Marinate the chicken for a couple of hours in the fridge. Then take soaked bamboo skewers andContinue reading “Chicken on a Stick”

Grilled Mackerel with Mango Ginger

You Need: Mackerel. Fillet the fish. Mango Ginger. You can use regular ginger but that is usually a lot more fibrous. Garlic chopped up. Green Chilly Chopped up. Olive oil. Spread out foil on a baking tray. Put a few drops on olive oil on the spot where you will place the fish. Keep oneContinue reading “Grilled Mackerel with Mango Ginger”

Spinach and Chicken

Simple and Yummy. You Need: Spinach. Chicken. Chilies. Butter. Garlic Paste. Remove all the stems from the spinach and use only the leaves. Blanch it by putting in hot water. Let it boil till the color becomes really bright green and then remove from the water. Squeeze out the excess water. Keep aside. Put chickenContinue reading “Spinach and Chicken”

Baked Mullet with Roasted Aubergine

Mullet is a beautiful fish that is usually available around the year. Its not very expensive and is a good source of the Omega3 fatty acids. It has a slightly sweet taste and gets along great with a lil lemony twist. You need: Mullet. Preferably about 750 grams or so weight when it was whole.Continue reading “Baked Mullet with Roasted Aubergine”

Grilled Raw Mango Salad

A simple salad with a nice tangy hit. You Need: A raw mango. Totapuri. Dill Leaves. Fresh Red Chilies, De-seeded. Cut half centimeter thick slices of the raw mango. Its not important how long or wide the slices are. It is however important that they are all the same thickness. Slice open the chilly andContinue reading “Grilled Raw Mango Salad”

Pink Blush

A simple meal with a blush of pink. You Need: Salmon. Must be at room temperature. Salt and Pepper for the seasoning the salmon. Thinly sliced radish. Pomegranate seeds. A teaspoon of either lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Green chilly, remove the pith and seeds. Chop it up. Sprinkle salt and pepper on theContinue reading “Pink Blush”

Garlic Chilly Chicken

The ingredients needed for this are in the title itself. Super simple but there is one step, which needs to be done carefully. Chicken, preferable a couple of thighs and legs. Make slits for the spices to get in. Garlic pods, as much as you dare. I used a little more than a fistful. FourContinue reading “Garlic Chilly Chicken”

Tangy-Spicy Meat Fry

I am always on the lookout for something different in produce section. Found some fresh Mango-Ginger and of course I needed to use it. This root looks like Ginger, belongs to the Turmeric family and smells like raw mango. It has a faint sourness that is mild but lingers with a delightful freshness. You Need:Continue reading “Tangy-Spicy Meat Fry”