Baked: Garlic Breaded Chicken


Chicken legs coated in beaten eggs with lots of chopped garlic. Literally massage this into the legs.

Roll the legs across seasoned breadcrumbs. I used just pepper and salt but you can add any dry herbs you like.

Grill on a rack at 200 Celsius for 40 mins in all. At half way point you MUST turn them over The legs hide inside them a vein and as it cooks a bloody clot will form and following the path set by gravity become a smudge on the bottom part. Turning the chicken around will make it disappear and also cook the chicken in an even manner.

Do not that you also fry the chicken in oil. Do not make slits if you plan to do so. The fried chicken will taste superior to the baked one. But the baked version will trump it in terms of calories.


Butter Chicken


Marinate chicken preferably boneless breast pieces in Kashmiri Red Chilly, Turmeric, Salt and lemon juice. You can let it sit for an hour over simply freeze it and let it thaw over an hour when you plan to cook it.

Heat ghee or butter in a heavy pan and add the chicken pieces. Cook covered on high heat for about 10 minutes. Remove the still partially raw chicken and keep aside. Its important that you don’t fully cook the chicken. If its cooked now, it will overcook later when you add it to the gravy. If chicken is overcooked there is only one thing you can do with it. You ask what….lets chew on that.

Now in the left over oil and masala add some more butter, some cardamom, cloves and a stick of cinnamon.  Fry 3 chopped onions till they are almost browned and are at perfect sweetness.

Now add 200 grams of tomato puree. NOT KETCHUP. Do not add any product containing sugar or honey like the restaurants do. That is simply cheating your senses and destroying the simple sweetness of well done onions. Cook covered for some 6-7 minutes on medium flame. Add the chicken and also add about 100 ml of either fresh cream or milk. Fresh cream is better but milk will do as well.


Combine and check for salt. You may need to add a little. Serve hot with rotis.

Chicken with Greens


Chop and wash some tender spinach leaves. Do not use large leaves for this recipe.

Heat a thick pan and put in some chopped capsicum and slightly char them. Remove and keep aside.


Heat coconut oil and saute some garlic and green chilies in it. Add chicken, season with salt and then cook covered for about 5-6 mins at high heat. Covered to protect your stove from oil splatter. Open and add the spinach. Cook covered at low heat for 15 mins. This is enough time to cook the chicken. Add the capsicum and cook at high heat to dry it up.

A simple and super healthy lunch box, which is low in carbs and high in protein.

Spinach with Chicken

Spinach with Chicken

Boneless chicken thighs pounded with a mallet. Rub some smashed garlic, salt and olive oil. Heat a pan and lay the chicken with the smooth side down. Once more than 50% of the chicken has changed to white, flip it over and place tomatoes. Lower the heat and cook covered for 2 mins. Open and put torn up spinach and cook covered on low heat for about 8 mins. Open and cook on high heat to dry it all up. Drizzle a little lemon juice to help with deglazing the pan.


Enjoy your super simple and healthy meal.

Corn with Chicken


As usual a simple way to a comfort meal for the middle of a hot week.

Chicken thigh with bone with some deep slits and salted for a couple of minutes. Toss it into hot oil and leave it covered on high heat for 5 minutes. Open and turn them around, repeat on the other side but keep it uncovered.

Add coriander powder, chilly powder, oats, corn, chopped garlic and mix well. One cup of full cream milk. Cook covered on the lowest heat setting for 15 mins. Garnish with lemon zest and freshly ground pepper.

Serve warm for a comfortable meal packed with sweetness and love.

Simplified Hawaiian Chicken


It all started with an evening snack. Pineapple. I cut it such that the eyes are left over and give the remaining to the kids. As I looked at these pieces an idea started forming.


My wife kind of read my thoughts and came up with this super simple but seriously awesome recipe. Pulverized these pieces in the blender and then strained the juice. They yielded about half a cup. To this juice we added a teaspoon of soy sauce and dissolved a tablespoon of brown sugar. Keep it aside.

Sprinkled freshly ground pepper, chopped garlic and salt on chicken drumsticks. Let it stay for about 30 mins.

Melted butter and added some olive oil into it. Once it was hot, added and browned the chicken legs over high heat. Then let it simmer while covered for about 15 mins. The chicken is cooked by now.wp-1491232628221.jpg

Added a lot of chopped coriander and the pineapple juice.


Over high heat let them all caramelize into a Hawaiian delight.

Caramelized Cabbage with Chicken

When I order a sizzler at a restaurant, one of my favorite things about it is the caramelized cabbage on which everything else is set. This recipe is an attempt to enjoy the same at home but with a healthy touch to it.

Arrange thickly chopped cabbage, some carrots, garlic and chicken thighs in a heavy pressure pan. Season with salt and pepper.


Do not add any water. Cook on a high flame with the lid on but no weight blocking the vent. IN 5-6 mins you will get a the smell of something burning. Ignore it for about 4 mins and then reduce the heat and let it cook for about 10 mins. Open and mix everything. Now place the weight and cook for exactly one whistle.

When pressure has subsided, open and check the base of the pan. There will be a bit of burnt cabbage at the bottom. With the heat on at medium, add lemon juice and deglaze the pan by scrapping with steel spoon.

Serve hot or cold.

The umami kick will get you going yummy yummy yummy.