Chicken Filler for Whatever you fancy.

I was not planning on cooking but then again this is such a simple recipe… Use only boneless chicken thighs or legs. Do not use chicken breast for this recipe. This is a two stage recipe. Put boneless chicken in a pressure cooker. No need to cut it. A teaspoon of ginger garlic paste, redContinue reading “Chicken Filler for Whatever you fancy.”

Chicken Roast

This is a video recipe, you can check it out here: The Recipe:Just marinate whole birds in ginger garlic paste chilly powder paprika lemon juice turmeric salt. Couple of large chopped onions. Put the dish on a stove and drizzle some ghee on it. Cook covered for 40 minutes. Coat ghee on a girdle panContinue reading “Chicken Roast”

Its Saturday!

My son loves chicken and my daughter loves potatoes. A perfect dish for both of them. You Need: Chicken Legs. Make some deep slits. Baby potatoes, unpeeled and cut into two pieces. Red Chilly Flakes. Dried Oregano. Garlic, lots of it. Smash and make into a paste. Salt. Sesame oil. Combine all the ingredients exceptContinue reading “Its Saturday!”

Tomato Soy Chicken

Super simple but super tasty. Chicken. About 1/2 kilo. Soy Sauce, a tablespoon. Tomato paste, a peaked tablespoon and a lil more. Ginger garlic paste, a tablespoon. Red chilly powder as per taste. Cumin powder, a teaspoon. A little oil. Salt as per taste. Chopped Coriander. In a bowl combine together the tomato paste, gingerContinue reading “Tomato Soy Chicken”

Dry Brine Roasted Chicken

Dry brine is a simple technique that results in a very juicy chicken and much more flavor than the more popular wet brine method. You Need: A whole chicken with skin. The skin must be intact. Avoid any bird with any tears in the skin. This is very important. So preferably buy this chicken inContinue reading “Dry Brine Roasted Chicken”

Chicken Roast

Marinate chicken in hung curd, mustard sauce, lemon juice, ginger+garlic paste, apple cider vinegar, chilly powder, turmeric powder, kasuri methi, butter, roasted cumin powder and salt. Do this overnight. Use a thick kadai for cooking this. Melt butter in oil. Use a mediumĀ flame and try to keep the chicken out of the water that willContinue reading “Chicken Roast”