Chicken Filler for Whatever you fancy.

I was not planning on cooking but then again this is such a simple recipe… Use only boneless chicken thighs or legs. Do not use chicken breast for this recipe. This is a two stage recipe. Put boneless chicken in a pressure cooker. No need to cut it. A teaspoon of ginger garlic paste, redContinue reading “Chicken Filler for Whatever you fancy.”

Chicken Ghee Roast

A simple but very bright dish that is bursting with flavors. You Need: Chicken preferably with bones, 500 grams. Coriander Seeds, 1 tablespoon. Fennel Seeds, 1 tablespoon. Cumin Seeds, 1 tablespoon. Dry Red Chilies, 2 or 3. Garlic, peeled. Ginger, one inch. Curd, half a cup. One Onion, finely diced. Ghee, 3 tablespoons. Salt. DryContinue reading “Chicken Ghee Roast”

The Path to Crispy Fried Chicken

Moisture is not your friend. All you need is a good piece of chicken. Few spices, corn flour and time. We always find the other ingredients easily but time is a key component that should not be ignored. You Need: Chicken, if pieces are large put a few slits on them. Paprika or Deghi Mirch.Continue reading “The Path to Crispy Fried Chicken”

Dill-Daal Chicken

Super juicy chicken legs with fresh dill leaves. You Need: Couple of Chicken Legs. Tablespoon of oil per chicken leg. A pinch of turmeric per chicken leg. A teaspoon of paprika per chicken leg. Some chopped green chilies. Garlic Powder and some garlic pods. Chopped dill leaves. A little grated Parmesan cheese. Salt. Mix theContinue reading “Dill-Daal Chicken”

Grilled Chicken

Simple and melt in your mouth chicken with no time wasted for marinating it. The key to juicy chicken is temperature and how well we seal up its juices. You need: Chicken leg and thigh with skin. Salt and Pepper. Chopped garlic about a tablespoon. Soy sauce, a teaspoon. Honey, a teaspoon. Dried oregano. ChillyContinue reading “Grilled Chicken”

Tomato Soy Chicken

Super simple but super tasty. Chicken. About 1/2 kilo. Soy Sauce, a tablespoon. Tomato paste, a peaked tablespoon and a lil more. Ginger garlic paste, a tablespoon. Red chilly powder as per taste. Cumin powder, a teaspoon. A little oil. Salt as per taste. Chopped Coriander. In a bowl combine together the tomato paste, gingerContinue reading “Tomato Soy Chicken”