The Quick and Easy Meal

The biggest concern every cook has is that they will forget the dish on the stove and end up with a burnt dish. This is an almost burn proof dish. Minimal work and very less attention needs to be paid. You need: A small head of cabbage, finely sliced. 2 small carrots, thin slices. 2Continue reading “The Quick and Easy Meal”

Vegetables in Buttery Cheesy Sauce

You need: Sturdy vegetables like beans and carrots. Cut into 1 cm pieces. Butter Maida Milk Pepper Chilly Flakes Mustard Sauce First cook the vegetables in butter. Use high heat and an open pan. Season while it’s still cooking. Remove and keep aside when the beans are cooked but still firm. Test by eating aContinue reading “Vegetables in Buttery Cheesy Sauce”

Dill, Carrots and Mutton

You need: An onion 250 gms of mutton 1 teaspoon of Ginger and garlic paste Turmeric and red chilli powder Carrots Dill leaves First step is to cook the mutton in a pressure cooker. So saute onions till translucent, add the ginger and garlic paste. When the raw smell is gone add the meat. AfterContinue reading “Dill, Carrots and Mutton”

Buttery Carrots & Mushrooms

You need chopped up carrots and mushrooms. To the carrots and mushrooms add any dried herb seasoning, chilly flakes and olive oil. Stir it in till evenly mixed. Heat a pan and once its nice and hot add the carrots and mushrooms. Cook on high heat, keep stirring. Once the mushrooms are almost cooked, putContinue reading “Buttery Carrots & Mushrooms”

Roasted Chicken with Amaranth and Carrots

Cut carrots length wise into quarters and wash the amaranth leaves. Melt butter and roast some chicken pieces in it. Sprinkle some red chilly powder and turmeric as the chicken cooks on high heat. Once the chicken gets a nice crust remove it and keep separately. In the butter filled with the flavors from theContinue reading “Roasted Chicken with Amaranth and Carrots”