Salmon with Cheesy Spinach

You can use either chicken with skin or salmon. The key thing is to have something in the protein that will provide the fats needed to cook the spinach. You Need: Salmon. Spinach. Grated Cheese, preferably Cheddar. Garlic. Green Chilly. Carrots (Optional). Salt and Pepper. Heat a pan. Preferably non-stick. Carefully place the fish onContinue reading “Salmon with Cheesy Spinach”

Braised Carrots with Salmon

I love carrots and baby carrots are simply the best. You Need: Baby Carrots. Broccoli Florets. Garlic. Butter. A little olive oil. Pepper. Any protein. I used a small piece of salmon, grilled with salt and pepper. Simply scrape them a little with a knife to get rid of the drier outer skin. Melt someContinue reading “Braised Carrots with Salmon”

Dry Brine Chicken Breast

Last week, I shared this technique for roasting a whole chicken. But then some people said it was still complicated. So I uncomplicated it a little. You Need: Chicken Breast. Both sides with the bone underneath it and skin on top. Butter, two teaspoons. Dill leaves, chopped fine. Carrots, sweet potatoes and broccoli. Garlic SaltContinue reading “Dry Brine Chicken Breast”

Sauteed Chicken with Vegetables.

A healthy load of fiber and protein. You need: A carrot, cut into diagonal rings. Two radishes, cut into diagonal rings. Finely dice the leaves and keep aside. One red or yellow bell pepper. Cut into small pieces. A chicken breast. Cut into a little bigger than bite sized pieces. Salt and Pepper. Butter. SprinkleContinue reading “Sauteed Chicken with Vegetables.”

Carrots and Shanks

You Need: Half a Kilo of carrots, cut into thin rings. One onion, roughly chopped. One Mutton Shank. Garlic Cloves, as much as you want. At least a fistful. Whole Pepper Corns, about a tablespoon. Garam Masala, 1 teaspoon. Cornflour, 1 teaspoon. Pressure cook for all ingredients except the cornflour along with one cup ofContinue reading “Carrots and Shanks”

For Your Eyes : Black Eyed Peas with Carrots and Baby Corn

Both Black eyed peas and Carrots are a rich source of Vitamin A. The yellow baby corns contains carotenoids. Making this a great dish for your eyesight. Other benefits include a good amount of proteins, iron and folate. Black Eyed Peas: 250 grams of black eyed peas, soaked overnight in water. 1 inch of gingerContinue reading “For Your Eyes : Black Eyed Peas with Carrots and Baby Corn”

Mutton Korma : Healthy with Mooli

You need: 300 Grams of mutton with bones. Two radishes with leaves. Cut into long thick sticks. 2-3 Carrots, cut into┬álong thick sticks. 3 Onions chopped up. 1 tablespoon of ginger garlic paste. 2 Green chilies. 1 cup yogurt, beaten. A teaspoon of turmeric. Use a pressure cooker. Start with cooking the onions and greenContinue reading “Mutton Korma : Healthy with Mooli”