A Simple Prawn Masala

A break down of this simple recipe to make it uncomplicated. 15 Prawns, shelled and de-veined. Curry leaves. Mustard Seeds. Cumin Seeds. Fennel Seeds. One onion, chopped fine. Capsicum, chopped. Garlic chopped. Chilly powder. Coriander powder. Turmeric powder. Salt. Oil. Fresh Coriander. Heat oil. Add in curry leaves, cumin, fennel and mustard seeds. A minuteContinue reading “A Simple Prawn Masala”

Prawns Pasta

Perfect for lunch boxes. You Need: A cup of cooked Pasta. Two Bell Peppers, diced. Dill Leaves, chopped up. A tablespoon of butter. Prawns. Garlic. Black Pepper. Olive or Sesame oil. Lemon Juice. Pound the garlic and pepper into a paste. Add in the oil and lemon juice. Marinade the prawns in this for 15Continue reading “Prawns Pasta”

Mushrooms and Capsicum : The Best Side for fried fish.

The fish is a simple fry. The Mushrooms and Capsicum make it  complete platter. You Need: Mushrooms, quartered. Capsicum, roughly chopped. Any Spice Mix. I use those extra packets, which come with Pizza. Garlic paste, a tablespoon Soy Sauce, A tablespoon. Corn Flour, half a teaspoon. Coriander leaves. Butter and Olive Oil. Heat about teaspoonContinue reading “Mushrooms and Capsicum : The Best Side for fried fish.”

Chicken Salad

The advantage of chicken is that not only doe sit taste good but also cooks really quick. For this simple salad, you need: Chinese Cabbage : roughly chopped. Red bell pepper : finely chopped. Chicken breast, cut into small pieces. Some slivered almonds For the chicken: Simply rub some chilly powder, turmeric and salt onContinue reading “Chicken Salad”

Sauteed Chicken with Vegetables.

A healthy load of fiber and protein. You need: A carrot, cut into diagonal rings. Two radishes, cut into diagonal rings. Finely dice the leaves and keep aside. One red or yellow bell pepper. Cut into small pieces. A chicken breast. Cut into a little bigger than bite sized pieces. Salt and Pepper. Butter. SprinkleContinue reading “Sauteed Chicken with Vegetables.”