Constructing a Quick and Simple Salad

Bring together these elements and make it a part of your lunch. You Need: Base: Shredded cabbage. Cheap and easy to use. Sweetness: Pomegranate seeds. Loaded with goodness. Color and Crunch: Diced Carrots. Spice: Diced red onion. Glue: Any mayonnaise or spread. Used here is 2 tablespoons of Spicy Harissa. Freshness: Basil leaves. Omega 3:Continue reading “Constructing a Quick and Simple Salad”

The Quick and Easy Meal

The biggest concern every cook has is that they will forget the dish on the stove and end up with a burnt dish. This is an almost burn proof dish. Minimal work and very less attention needs to be paid. You need: A small head of cabbage, finely sliced. 2 small carrots, thin slices. 2Continue reading “The Quick and Easy Meal”

Oil Free Cabbage – Vegan

You need: A fistful or more of peanuts. A square inch of coconut. Two cloves garlic. Three green chillies. A medium head if cabbage, finely diced. First heat a thick bottomed pan and dry roast the peanuts and coconut. The peanuts get cooked and the coconut releases it’s oils. Let them cool and roughly grindContinue reading “Oil Free Cabbage – Vegan”

Cabbage Stir

With the change in weather, protecting against respiratory illness is very important. The following ingredients: Cumin: Aid in digestion, improve immunity. Ajwain: Treats Common Cold. Also for Ear and Tooth Ache. Coriander Seeds: Aids Digestion and cures Cold And Flu. Nigella Seeds (Kalonji): Improve immunity. Dry red chilies: Anti inflammatory. Cabbage Peanuts Coconut oil. Heat oil and fryContinue reading “Cabbage Stir”

Cabbage, Lemon Chicken

A super simple one pot meal with high protein and low carbs. Squeeze the juice of a lemon on chicken pieces. Liberally apply pepper powder and some salt. If you have time let it marinate for some time. But its optional. Heat oil and carefully place the chicken pieces in it. Cook covered for aboutContinue reading “Cabbage, Lemon Chicken”