Salmon ‘n’ Sage Butter

Simple fine dine experience at home. You Need: Atlantic Salmon. Butter : About 50 grams per slice of salmon. Fresh Sage Leaves. Salt and Pepper. Sprinkle some salt and pepper on the fish. Hot grill pan, place the fish, salted side up. Meanwhile melt some butter in a small pan. When its fully melted, addContinue reading “Salmon ‘n’ Sage Butter”

Garlicky Beans and Mushrooms

A great side or an amazing topping. You Need: Green Beans : 200 grams. Mushrooms : 200 grams. 7-8 Garlic cloves. A couple of shallots. Butter. Ground Pepper. Cut beans into any size of your choice. Get water to a boil. Season with a tablespoon of salt. Add the beans in it and let themContinue reading “Garlicky Beans and Mushrooms”

Jhatpat Prawns

A simple and quick prawns recipe that can be either a starter or extended into a full meal. You Need: Prawns : Cleaned and de-veined. Chopped Shallots. The small onions commonly used in Sambhar. Ginger Garlic paste. Red Chilly powder. Turmeric powder. Coriander powder. Lemon juice. Butter. If extending into a full meal Cooked Millet’sContinue reading “Jhatpat Prawns”

Baby Corn in Garlic Roux

You Need: Baby Corn : Cut into bite sized pieces. Garlic : as many cloves as you want, cut into small pieces. One teaspoon of butter. One teaspoon of flour. 12 teaspoons of milk. Red Chilly Flakes or freshly ground black pepper. Heat a pan. Toss in the baby corn and let them get toastedContinue reading “Baby Corn in Garlic Roux”

Lemon Butter Chicken Pasta

You Need: 250 grams of Pasta. Follow instructions on the pack. Save half a cup of the starchy water. Chicken. A teaspoon of paprika. Butter about 50 grams. Chopped up Garlic, about a tablespoon. An onion, finely diced. Some coriander. The rind and juice of a large lemon. Saute the chicken with just salt andContinue reading “Lemon Butter Chicken Pasta”

Butter Garlic Kidney Beans

You need: One cup of dried red beans (Rajma). Soak them overnight. Wash well before use. 12 cloves of garlic. A tablespoon of butter. Some peppercorns. Tomatoes, optional. Grated carrots, optional. Don’t forget to soak the red beans overnight and discard that water. Also wash them well before use. Put them inside a heavy pan.Continue reading “Butter Garlic Kidney Beans”

Chicken in Mint Sauce

You Need: Two Drumsticks and Thighs of Chicken. Dry and slightly salted. Mint Puree with a bunch of mint leaves, two green chillies, garlic cloves and a little olive oil. 100 ml fresh cream. A tablespoon of butter. Heat a heavy bottom pan and melt butter. Add the chicken and cook till it’s about 80%Continue reading “Chicken in Mint Sauce”

Seer in Mushroom Butter Sauce

You Need: Two slices of Seer Fish. You can also use Pink Perch, Sea Bass or Salmon. Preferably as a fillet. Skin on or off depends on the fish. 1 heaped tablespoon of butter. 200 gms of Button Mushrooms, finely chopped One onion chopped. One bell pepper, chopped. This is optional. One tablespoon of flourContinue reading “Seer in Mushroom Butter Sauce”