Semolina (Rava, Sooji) Bread. Its Vegan!

A simple bread with very simple ingredients. The quantities mentioned below yielded a loaf of bread and 9 dinner rolls. Total weight was approximately 1500 grams. Fine Semolina: 800 grams. Corn Mean: 50 grams. Vegetable Oil: 50 ml. Salt: 12 grams. Instant Yeast: 7 grams. Sugar: 2 Tbsp. Water as needed. Combine all the dryContinue reading “Semolina (Rava, Sooji) Bread. Its Vegan!”

20% Whole Wheat, 70% Water

Continuing my experiments with bread, here is a simple sandwich bread made using All Purpose Flour, Whole Wheat Flour and a higher hydration for softness. All Purpose Flour : 380 grams. Whole Wheat Flour : 100 grams. Water: 340 grams (70% of combined flour weight). Honey : 32 grams. Yeast: 7 grams. Salt: 10 grams.Continue reading “20% Whole Wheat, 70% Water”