Beetroot and Bottle gourd with Lentils

This is one of my goto vegetable dishes. It needs a lentil, I used yellow Mung beans. a gourd, I used bottle gourd. a sturdy vegetable, I used beetroot. aromatics, I used onions, garlic, chilly and so on. a healthy fat, everyone must use ghee. some spices like cumin, fennel etc. Soak the lentils inContinue reading “Beetroot and Bottle gourd with Lentils”

Five Spiced Bottle Gourd

A simple healthy low carb dish. You Need: Grated bottle gourd. Do not squeeze and remove its water. Panch Phoran, two teaspoons. Pepper powder as per taste. Beaten Curd about half a cup. Turmeric powder, a pinch. Salt. 2 teaspoons of Ghee. Panch Phoran is a Bengali spice mix usually available in supermarkets. It isContinue reading “Five Spiced Bottle Gourd”

Thaalippu Bottle Gourd

Thaalippu is a simple seasoning mix that is available in most traditional Tamil cooking supplies stores. My home in Chennai is quite close to the famous Ambica Apalam Depot. That shop has some really good stuff and I miss them sorely in my current city. You Need: A teaspoon of Thaalippu. A tablespoon of Ghee.Continue reading “Thaalippu Bottle Gourd”

Sour Bottle Gourd

I wanted to do something wacky and this crazy idea came up. It’s quirky but tastes like fun. You need: A bottle gourd sliced into thin matchsticks. Juice of a lemon. A couple of peanuts. Coconut oil about 2 tablespoons. Finely chopped Coriander or Dill. Spice mix or just red chilly powder. Marinate the bottleContinue reading “Sour Bottle Gourd”

Vegan and Keto : Lauki Chaat

You need: A bottle gourd cut into small pieces. Garlic cloves chopped. A green chili finely chopped. Coriander leaves, chopped. Fenugreek seeds, one teaspoon. Mustard seeds, one teaspoon. A quarter teaspoon of turmeric Two heaped teaspoons of Sambhar Powder. Heat some oil and saute fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds and garlic for a minute or two.Continue reading “Vegan and Keto : Lauki Chaat”

Moong & Bottle Gourd

This recipe needs good quality ghee. Without this key ingredient, it will fail. In heated ghee add cumin, green chilly and garlic. Saute for a minute and add soaked Moong Daal. Soaked for thirty minutes is more than enough. Saute for three to four mins and taste it. It should be soft and without anyContinue reading “Moong & Bottle Gourd”