Beetroot and Bottle gourd with Lentils

This is one of my goto vegetable dishes. It needs a lentil, I used yellow Mung beans. a gourd, I used bottle gourd. a sturdy vegetable, I used beetroot. aromatics, I used onions, garlic, chilly and so on. a healthy fat, everyone must use ghee. some spices like cumin, fennel etc. Soak the lentils inContinue reading “Beetroot and Bottle gourd with Lentils”

Just Beeting It!

Just Beeting It You Need: Beets, cut into thin strips. Garlic, lots of it. Pepper, a tablespoon. Panch Phoran, a tablespoon. Mustard Oil, a tablespoon. Salt. You can grate the beets but its much better to cut them into thin strips. This will help them retain more moisture. Pound the garlic and pepper. Dry roastContinue reading “Just Beeting It!”

Roasted Vegetables

Increasing the amount of vegetables, does not just mean adding an extra piece to your plate. It means make your plate full of vegetables. Cut up a beetroot, pumpkin and radish. Drizzle olive oil. Make the environment a little acidic with apple cider vinegar, flavor bomb it with garlic salt. A hint of the gardenContinue reading “Roasted Vegetables”

Crunch Munch : All The Way

You Need: Chicken with bones, about 300 grams. 1 large Beetroot, julienne it. 2 Large Guava, remove seeds and cut into bite sized pieces. 1 Table spoon of coarsely ground pepper. 2 Tablespoons of ginger juice. Simply grate fresh ginger and squeeze it out. 1 Tablespoon of Honey. 2 Tablespoons of Soy Sauce. Some mintContinue reading “Crunch Munch : All The Way”

Beets and Greens (Water Amaranth)

You Need: 2 Medium Beets, Grate them using the attachment that yields long strips. Water Amaranth or Ponnaganti Kura, couple of bunches. 5-6 Garlic cloves, sliced up. Coriander Seeds about a teaspoon. Cumin Seeds about a teaspoon. Freshly ground pepper powder as per taste. Two tablespoons of mustard oil. This is a relatively simple recipe.Continue reading “Beets and Greens (Water Amaranth)”