Mutton with Peppers

You Need: A kilo of red meat. Preferably have a piece of cartilage or two. Ginger Garlic paste: About a tablespoon. Turmeric powder. Red Chilly Powder. Any generic meat masala or garam masala powder. Three large onions, chopped into thick pieces. Red bell peppers, chopped into small pieces. A fistful of garlic, roughly chopped. CurryContinue reading “Mutton with Peppers”

Grilled Beef Cheeks

A simple and delicious dinner with beef and zucchini strips. First cut the beef into rings about 1 cm thick. Make a powder with pepper, nutmeg, mace, khus khus and cardamom. A paste with green chilly, garlic and ginger. Mix this powders and paste with curd, raw papaya paste, chilly powder, salt and melted butter. Use it toContinue reading “Grilled Beef Cheeks”