Mushrooms and Eggs, Baked

A simple but beautiful breakfast or dinner. You Need: 200 grams of button mushrooms, finely sliced. Two eggs. A little salt and a little pepper. Some cheese. Olive oil or butter. Use a dish, you can serve it in. Grease it with olive oil or butter. Spread out the mushrooms. Sprinkle some pepper and salt.Continue reading “Mushrooms and Eggs, Baked”

Puffed Cheese Pizza

You need: 200 grams of button mushrooms, chopped up. 1 red pepper. A tablespoon of all purpose seasoning. Grated cheese about four or five healed tablespoons. Garlic cloves, chopped. Two tablespoons of olive oil. One readymade Puff Pastry sheet. One beaten egg or milk for glazing. To prepare the filling, first saute the garlic inContinue reading “Puffed Cheese Pizza”

Vegetables in Buttery Cheesy Sauce

You need: Sturdy vegetables like beans and carrots. Cut into 1 cm pieces. Butter Maida Milk Pepper Chilly Flakes Mustard Sauce First cook the vegetables in butter. Use high heat and an open pan. Season while it’s still cooking. Remove and keep aside when the beans are cooked but still firm. Test by eating aContinue reading “Vegetables in Buttery Cheesy Sauce”