Its Saturday!

My son loves chicken and my daughter loves potatoes. A perfect dish for both of them. You Need: Chicken Legs. Make some deep slits. Baby potatoes, unpeeled and cut into two pieces. Red Chilly Flakes. Dried Oregano. Garlic, lots of it. Smash and make into a paste. Salt. Sesame oil. Combine all the ingredients exceptContinue reading “Its Saturday!”

Baked Chicken

Arguably the simplest recipe you will see today. You Need: Chicken. Grated Parmesan Cheese about a tablespoon. Paprika, about a tablespoon. Garlic Powder, about a teaspoon. Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Bread crumbs, about 2-3 tablespoons. Pat dry the chicken. Take a glass baking dish. Combine together the Parmesan, Paprika, Garlic powder with olive oil. TasteContinue reading “Baked Chicken”

Zucchini with Chicken : Baked

Super healthy and incredibly easy recipe. I used mustard sauce, but you can swap it with any condiment of your choice. You Need: One Zucchini, sliced into rings. One chicken breast. A tablespoon of Olive oil. Any condiment : Two tablespoons or so. I used American mustard. Cheese. Arrange the zucchini rings on the baseContinue reading “Zucchini with Chicken : Baked”

Baked Chicken Breast

Super simple but so delicious and healthy. You Need: Chicken Breasts with or without the bone behind them. A tablespoon of garlic paste. Salt and pepper as per your preference. Extra virgin olive oil. Must be adequate for liberally coating the chicken. Parchment paper. Both the flat and the grill tray for baking. Rub theContinue reading “Baked Chicken Breast”

Baked Chicken with Fenugreek Leaves

And trust me….the bitterness level of Fenugreek is greatly diminished in this recipe provided you use all the ingredients. Wash and dry the fenugreek leaves. Its best if you use a salad spinner. Spread them in a baking dish. Place two chicken breast on it. Season with salt, pepper, zatar powder, chat masala…anything you want.Continue reading “Baked Chicken with Fenugreek Leaves”