Baby Corn with Paneer

A simple snack or appetizer. You Need: Paneer: Cut into small pieces. Baby Corn: Cut into 1-2 centimeter pieces. Paprika. Dry Kasuri Methi, as per taste. Salt and any other seasoning. Mix all the ingredients together. Heat some flavorful oil like Mustard or Sesame oil. Saute the paneer and corn at high heat till theyContinue reading “Baby Corn with Paneer”

Baby Corn in Garlic Roux

You Need: Baby Corn : Cut into bite sized pieces. Garlic : as many cloves as you want, cut into small pieces. One teaspoon of butter. One teaspoon of flour. 12 teaspoons of milk. Red Chilly Flakes or freshly ground black pepper. Heat a pan. Toss in the baby corn and let them get toastedContinue reading “Baby Corn in Garlic Roux”

For Your Eyes : Black Eyed Peas with Carrots and Baby Corn

Both Black eyed peas and Carrots are a rich source of Vitamin A. The yellow baby corns contains carotenoids. Making this a great dish for your eyesight. Other benefits include a good amount of proteins, iron and folate. Black Eyed Peas: 250 grams of black eyed peas, soaked overnight in water. 1 inch of gingerContinue reading “For Your Eyes : Black Eyed Peas with Carrots and Baby Corn”

Basil, Babycorn with Meat Mash.

You need: Some Meat Mash One Red Pepper Baby corn about 200 grams. Basil leaves about 3 to 4 fistfulls. Heat very little oil in a pan. Toss in the baby corn and red peppers. Spread them out. Turn them around after 2-3 mins but see to it that they are spread out in theContinue reading “Basil, Babycorn with Meat Mash.”