Leaves…I love them and are a must have in at least a couple of meals every week. This is a simple and easy recipe for fresh Amaranth Leaves. The best way is to cook them uncovered and not for long. Heat will need to alternate between high and medium. At its simplest, we are goingContinue reading “Leaves…”

Amaranth Kosumbari

Amaranth Kosumbari : A Simple take on an already simple dish. You Need: Amaranth Leaves. Yellow Moong Dal, 2 tablespoons. Garlic. Green Chilly. A chopped onion. Grated Carrot. Grated Coconut. Coconut oil. Salt. Soak the yellow moong dal in water for at least 20 minutes. Saute the garlic, green chill and onion in coconut oil.Continue reading “Amaranth Kosumbari”

Beets and Greens (Water Amaranth)

You Need: 2 Medium Beets, Grate them using the attachment that yields long strips. Water Amaranth or Ponnaganti Kura, couple of bunches. 5-6 Garlic cloves, sliced up. Coriander Seeds about a teaspoon. Cumin Seeds about a teaspoon. Freshly ground pepper powder as per taste. Two tablespoons of mustard oil. This is a relatively simple recipe.Continue reading “Beets and Greens (Water Amaranth)”

Sweet Potato and Greens

You need: Two medium sweet potatoes thinly sliced. Two medium onions chopped. A green chilly, chopped. Any greens, used here is Amaranth leaves. Coconut oil. Turmeric Red Chilly Powder Coriander Powder In hot oil, saute the onions and green chili till the raw smell is gone. Add the sweet potatoes and spices. Mix well. CookContinue reading “Sweet Potato and Greens”

Roasted Chicken with Amaranth and Carrots

Cut carrots length wise into quarters and wash the amaranth leaves. Melt butter and roast some chicken pieces in it. Sprinkle some red chilly powder and turmeric as the chicken cooks on high heat. Once the chicken gets a nice crust remove it and keep separately. In the butter filled with the flavors from theContinue reading “Roasted Chicken with Amaranth and Carrots”

Chicken and Amaranth Leaves

You might find the chicken pieces used in this recipe a little surprising. I buy whole chickens from the shop and then cut it myself. This way I don’t have to deal with badly smashed bones and uneven sizes. Each chicken gets divided into three portions. 1. Whole Legs 2. Boneless Breasts. 3. Everything leftContinue reading “Chicken and Amaranth Leaves”