Umami Mushrooms & Cauliflower


Saute some garlic and shallots in olive oil. Once its fragrant add mushrooms and cauliflower. I had a little sweet potato, which I added but its purely optional. Once they start to soften sprinkle paprika and little salt. Two tablespoons of dark soy sauce. Cook on a low heat and preferably use a silicone spatula. This will help in scrapping the pan to also mix everything well.
It may take upto 20 mins on low heat to get cooked.

Enjoy the simple Umami taste of soy sauce.

Cheesy Vegetables

Chop eggplants, plantains, pumpkin and mushrooms into small pieces.

Saute sesame seeds, fennel seeds, garlic and green chillies in sesame oil. Add all the vegetables and cook uncovered till they get tender.

Add cheese, switch off the stove. Mix till the cheese melts. Leave it covered for some ten mins.

Enjoy your healthy cheesy vegetables.

Rava Coated Seer Fish Fry


Get seer fish slices, which are less than a cm in thickness. Rub some lemon juice, kashmiri chilly powder, chilly powder, turmeric powder, roasted cumin+coriander powder, all spice mix, garlic powder and salt on the fish slices and let it chill in fridge for an hour.

Take equal parts of rice flour, gram flour and rava (sooji). Season it with some salt, chilly powder, ground pepper, finely chopped fresh coriander.

Coat the fish with this and pan fry on medium heat.

Goes amazing with just some rice and rasam.

Roasted Chicken with Amaranth and Carrots


Cut carrots length wise into quarters and wash the amaranth leaves. Melt butter and roast some chicken pieces in it. Sprinkle some red chilly powder and turmeric as the chicken cooks on high heat. Once the chicken gets a nice crust remove it and keep separately.

In the butter filled with the flavors from the chicken roast the carrots and some large green peppers. Do not remove the seeds from the chilies as that is the heat for this dish.

Once a slight charring starts add the amaranth leaves and cook till they are wilted. Add coconut milk and bring back the chicken into the pan. Season with salt and cook on low heat for about 15-20 mins.

A power packed lunch for the start of the week. Enjoy…