Broiled Mackeral


A kilo of Mackerel costs two hundred Indian rupees. You get 3 to 4  fishes depending on their weight. Slice them along the middle bone.

Wrap foil around a tray. Place fish skin side up. Decorate with chopped garlic, green chilies and lemon slices. Drizzle olive oil and sprinkle salt.


In a preheated oven, broil this by keeping it on the top shelf and using only heat from the top burner. Two hundred degrees Celsius for 15 minutes. Then move the tray to the middle shelf and switch on both burners. Fifteen minutes like this and its ready.

A fine dine experience for a fraction of the restaurant bill.

Prawns and Mushrooms

Marinate prawns and mushrooms in sesame oil, garlic, chilly, soy sauce and honey. An hour or two is enough.

Stir fry some curry leaves, coconut, coriander seeds, onion seeds and cumin. Once they are smelling awesome add the prawns and mushrooms. Cook on high heat. It will take approximately 8 to 10 minutes. When the prawns turn pink they are cooked but to be very sure, just cover the dish with an airtight lid and switch off the heat.

Baked Sardines

A simple and heathy meal packed with the goodness of Omega fats.
Grind up some pepper, thyme, onion seeds, cumin and salt

Lay it into a baking dish and add Olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Arrange the fishes on top of this and lightly press down with your palm. Roll your palm in an up and down movement. To massage the spices and oils into the fish.

Bake at 200 Celsius. 15 mins on both, 10 mins on bottom and five minutes on top.

Use the extra oils collected in the dish as dressing on a salad you make as an accompaniment.

Balsamized Strawberries & Paneer


A very simple dish that is neither a desert nor a salad but is just awesome. The flavors blend in such a way that you either love it or you have bad taste.

I wanted to experiment with a bunch of strawberries I picked up the other day. And it definitely worked as as my wife asked for a second serving.

Toasted paneer. Strawberries cooked till they soften up a little. This increases their sweetness level and I would not recommend adding any sugar. Combine them and add some reduced balsamic vinegar. To reduce balsamic vinegar just cook it on low heat till its volume is down by half.

Never stop experimenting with food. In short never ever grow up.



Lemon Butter Fish


You can use any white fish for this super simple recipe. I used Pomfret.

I love working with my knife, which is why I buy whole fishes and then cut them into whatever style I fancy. Particularly like cutting them like a fillet but leaving the bones on one side. Lesser wastage and I like the bone pattern.


Pat the fish dry and sprinkle salt. Melt butter in a pan and if you want add some olive oil to it. Place fish, skin side down. Once the color changes, flip it over and add some lemon juice and anything with heat in it. Fresh green or red chilies work very well. Or just sprinkle some freshly ground pepper.

Serve the fish with sauteed greens.

Enjoy the fine dine experience in the comfort of your home.

Buttery Carrots & Mushrooms


You need chopped up carrots and mushrooms.

To the carrots and mushrooms add any dried herb seasoning, chilly flakes and olive oil. Stir it in till evenly mixed.

Heat a pan and once its nice and hot add the carrots and mushrooms. Cook on high heat, keep stirring. Once the mushrooms are almost cooked, put a big dollop of butter on top. Once it melts in the vegetables add the spring onions. Mix and cook for just about 2-3 minutes.

Season with salt and serve with anything fried or roasted.

Baked Chicken and Vegetables


Use any sturdy vegetable like pumpkin, beetroot or carrot. Chop them into 1 to 2 centimeter pieces and place in a baking dish. Keep chicken pieces on top. Sprinkle salt, any dried herb like oregano or thyme, chilly flakes. Drizzle olive oil.



Bake at 200 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes. Then use only top heat at 220 for 10 mins. Remove the chicken pieces and now bake at 220-230 for another ten minutes to reduce the amount of liquid collected around the vegetables.

Eat it hot or cold. This is a easy dish when you have time but don’t have time for actually cooking in the kitchen. The entire amount of work you did would have taken you less than 10 mins. A hearty wholesome meal rich in everything nice.