Pan Roasted Radishes

A simple side dish that will change the way you think about Radishes. You Need: Radishes : Cut into 1/2 cm thick rings. Garlic Salt. Paprika. Olive Oil. Coriander leaves. Combine together the garlic salt, paprika and olive oil. Use your judgement to balance them. It should be pleasant to eat as it is. TheContinue reading “Pan Roasted Radishes”

Grilled Raw Mango Salad

A simple salad with a nice tangy hit. You Need: A raw mango. Totapuri. Dill Leaves. Fresh Red Chilies, De-seeded. Cut half centimeter thick slices of the raw mango. Its not important how long or wide the slices are. It is however important that they are all the same thickness. Slice open the chilly andContinue reading “Grilled Raw Mango Salad”

Sprouted Fenugreek Seeds and Okra

Sprouted Fenugreek Seeds are a rich source of vital minerals and helps you look younger and live better. But they are also a little bitter. They pair beautifully with okra and ripe tomatoes. A simple vegan recipe that is full of flavor and goodness. You Need: 200 grams of Sprouted Fenugreek Seeds. 250 grams ofContinue reading “Sprouted Fenugreek Seeds and Okra”

Roasted Vegetables

Increasing the amount of vegetables, does not just mean adding an extra piece to your plate. It means make your plate full of vegetables. Cut up a beetroot, pumpkin and radish. Drizzle olive oil. Make the environment a little acidic with apple cider vinegar, flavor bomb it with garlic salt. A hint of the gardenContinue reading “Roasted Vegetables”

The 11 O’Clock

The 11 O’Clock is the most dangerous time for anyone trying to eat healthy and control their portions. Breakfast was a couple of hours back, Lunch is still some time away. So with every passing second, the bag of chips or biscuits starts looking more and more attractive. Here is a colorful and super healthyContinue reading “The 11 O’Clock”

Roasted Aubergine

A simple aubergine treat. You need: 2 Large or 3 medium sized Aubergines. Couple of cloves of garlic. Dry oregano or any other seasoning. Chilly Flakes. Extra virgin olive oil. Cut the aubergine vertically. Then cut into long vertical strips but keep them bunched together. Heat a heavy pan. The pan must be clean andContinue reading “Roasted Aubergine”

Zucchini Curls

You Need: Zucchini. Mushrooms : About a cupful, quartered. Olive Oil. Garlic, finely diced. Pomegranate. Salt and pepper to season it. Use a peeler to cut the zucchini into narrow strips. Chop up the middle part, which has the seeds. Heat a heavy bottomed pan. Put in the mushrooms and the chopped zucchini. Mix theContinue reading “Zucchini Curls”