Lemon Pepper Chicken

A simple and yummy appetizer for a lazy weekend. Chicken, about half a kilo. Curd, three tablespoons. Garlic, about a tablespoon, cut very small or preferably passed thru a press. Pepper, one teaspoon freshly ground. Lemon juice, one. Cumin powder, 1/2 teaspoon. Coriander powder, 1/2 teaspoon. Mint leaves. Kasuri Methi. Salt. Ghee, a tablespoon. CombineContinue reading “Lemon Pepper Chicken”

Creamy Cheesy Chicken

A simple chicken recipe that will be a BIG hit with the kids. Chicken, 500 grams. One onion, finely diced. 4-5 tomatoes, peeled and finely diced. Cream Cheese, 1 heaped tablespoon. Red chilly powder, 1 teaspoon. Coriander powder, 1 teaspoon. Garam Masala, as per preference. Turmeric powder. Kasuri Methi. Salt Oil. Rub the chilly powder,Continue reading “Creamy Cheesy Chicken”

Butterbeer from The Three Broomsticks

Made this drink for a Harry Potter themed party with my daughter’s friends. It is of course non-alcoholic and just loaded with a lot of fun. The quantity mentioned here will give you enough for about 25 cups at a little more than 100 ml each. You need: 200 Grams of Brown Sugar. 100 GramsContinue reading “Butterbeer from The Three Broomsticks”

Fried Sardines

One of my favorite fishes. You Need: Sardines. Turmeric Powder, about a pinch per fish. Red Chilly Powder, about half a teaspoon for 2 fishes. Coriander Powder, about half a teaspoon for 2 fishes. Ginger-Garlic Paste, about a teaspoon per fish. Corn Flour, about a teaspoon per fish. Besan Flour, about a teaspoon per fish.Continue reading “Fried Sardines”

Broccoli Pasta

Easy way to liven up a pasta dinner. You Need: A head of Broccoli, grated. Two tablespoons of butter. A teaspoon of flour. Approximately 100 ml of whole milk. A cheese slice. Seasoning of your choice. Chilly flakes. Freshly ground pepper. Pasta cooked in salted water as per instructions on its pack. Save a littleContinue reading “Broccoli Pasta”

Coriander Pepper Chicken

My mom’s recipe uses fish. I swapped the protein with chicken and it came out almost as good. This recipe has 4 distinct stages. Combine together: Chicken : Couple of legs and thighs. Half a teaspoon of red chilly powder for each piece of chicken. Quarter teaspoon of turmeric for each piece of chicken. TablespoonContinue reading “Coriander Pepper Chicken”