Shallow Fry Tuna


Take a Tuna filet and pat it dry. There must be no wetness on it. This is very important. Sprinkle salt and pepper on all sides of the Fish.
Heat oil and place the fish, skin side down. Four minutes later, turn it. Another four minutes and let it stand up like a Minhar from the Asterix comics. That’s for another three or four minutes.

This will drain all the oil and give you one more crispy side.

Rest for five minutes to enjoy a well done but not chewy tuna.

Tuna & Mackerel with Ground up Spices.


This is a simple recipe for a Tuna Steak, inspired by a Jamie Oliver recipe.

Roughly grind up fennel seeds, pepper and coriander seeds with salt. Massage it into the fishes along with some olive oil.


Get a girdle pan to high heat. Carefully place the fish on it and let it sizzle and steam away. About 3-4 mins later check if the fish is able to free itself from the pan. If it does not encounter resistance, flip it over. Do not ever use force on the fish.

Total cooking time will be about 4 mins per side and because we want it well done, use a spatula to lightly press it down. When the fish is bouncy on pressing its done. Total time approx 12 mins.

Drizzle a little olive oil and let it rest for at least 5 mins before slicing.

Lovely keto meal which needs nothing more to be perfect. Except some fresh coriander to counter the heat from the pepper.

Mackerel Grilled on Capsicum


A very simple and subtle flavor into the fish.

Cut capsicum into thick rings. Keep half a slice of lemon inside it. There must be no seeds inside the lemon. Make two such beds. Place fish on top. Salt the fish and drizzle some olive oil.


Grill at 180 C for 25 mins with heat from both sides.

Flip the fish and increase temperature to 250. Move tray to bottom slot. Heat only from the top. This is to dry out moisture from this side of the fish.

The white pith of the lemon will make its juices a little bitter. So if you don’t like this bitterness the skin while prepping the lemons.

Enjoy an extremely healthy boost of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Fish Cutlets with Sweet Potato


Boil sweet potatoes in salted water till they are tender. This will take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes depending on their size. Let them air dry and cool before mashing them.

Add lots of finely chopped coriander and green chilies. Season with turmeric, garam masala, ginger garlic paste and salt. Use you hands to mash them really well.

Add chopped seer fish without skin and bones and mix it in using a strong fork.

Shallow fry over medium heat.

Hope you enjoy my ode to the greatest game ever.

Prawns Pulao

Soak two cups of zeera-samba rice in water.

Marinate prawns in half a cup of yogurt, red chilli powder, turmeric powder and coriander powder.

Prepare the remaining ingredients, three chopped onions, a sliced tomato, chopped coriander and a lemon.

Heat some butter and oil. Add a stick of cinnamon and some cloves. Now fry the onions till they are almost brown. Add and fry Ginger garlic paste till the raw smell is gone. Add tomato and coriander. Season with salt. Use the tomato to deglaze the pan.

Add the prawns and after a three mins add lemon juice. Deglaze again. Meanwhile start heating 3.5 cups of water.

Add the rice and the boiling hot water.

Pressure cook on low heat for approx 9 mins.

Your simple prawn pulao is ready.

Fish Cutlets

Seer fish cut into really small peices and deboned. Also no skin.

Add some ginger garlic paste, turmeric powder, chilly powder, coriander powder, besan flour, salt and lemon juice. Then go to work on it with a masher and then a spoon. Lightly drizzle some oil towards the end. Make into cutlets using your palms and let it rest for at least ten minutes.

Shallow fry and serve with some vegetables for a perfect weekend dinner.