Chicken Roulade

A simple and no frill roulade is a great one course meal. It needs very few ingredients but a little extra dose of patience. You need: Boneless Chicken Breast. Spinach. Washed and Chopped into small pieces. Onion, finely diced. Garlic, finely chopped. Butter. Salt and Pepper. Heat a pan. Melt in some butter. Saute theContinue reading “Chicken Roulade”

The 11 O’Clock

The 11 O’Clock is the most dangerous time for anyone trying to eat healthy and control their portions. Breakfast was a couple of hours back, Lunch is still some time away. So with every passing second, the bag of chips or biscuits starts looking more and more attractive. Here is a colorful and super healthyContinue reading “The 11 O’Clock”

The BEST Pumpkin Soup

This is without any doubt the best pumpkin dish, I have ever eaten. You Need: Pumpkin : 200  – 300 grams, grated. Cabbage : 100 grams, chopped up. Fennel Seeds : 1 teaspoon spoon. Coriander Seeds : 1 teaspoon. Red Chilly Powder : 1 teaspoon. Almonds : Sliced. Butter. Milk. Heat a tablespoon of butter.Continue reading “The BEST Pumpkin Soup”

Garlicky Beans and Mushrooms

A great side or an amazing topping. You Need: Green Beans : 200 grams. Mushrooms : 200 grams. 7-8 Garlic cloves. A couple of shallots. Butter. Ground Pepper. Cut beans into any size of your choice. Get water to a boil. Season with a tablespoon of salt. Add the beans in it and let themContinue reading “Garlicky Beans and Mushrooms”

Jhatpat Prawns

A simple and quick prawns recipe that can be either a starter or extended into a full meal. You Need: Prawns : Cleaned and de-veined. Chopped Shallots. The small onions commonly used in Sambhar. Ginger Garlic paste. Red Chilly powder. Turmeric powder. Coriander powder. Lemon juice. Butter. If extending into a full meal Cooked Millet’sContinue reading “Jhatpat Prawns”

Roasted Aubergine

A simple aubergine treat. You need: 2 Large or 3 medium sized Aubergines. Couple of cloves of garlic. Dry oregano or any other seasoning. Chilly Flakes. Extra virgin olive oil. Cut the aubergine vertically. Then cut into long vertical strips but keep them bunched together. Heat a heavy pan. The pan must be clean andContinue reading “Roasted Aubergine”